ukraine's flag with a dove of peace in the center

“Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.”

–Desiderius Erasmus

If you’ve been anywhere near a television or digital device over the past few days, you’ve heard the terrible news that Russia has declared war on Ukraine. In times of war, although all those affected must endure difficult circumstances, it’s always the children and animals who suffer the most.

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes, and they are not leaving their beloved animals behind. Neighboring countries such as Poland, Romania and Hungary have not only opened their doors to the people, but also have relaxed animal-entry requirements and offered shelter and veterinary care to the animals of those displaced. You can read more about how the people of Ukraine are saving their animals and how you can help HERE.

Shelter animals, such as Kyiv-based cat and dog shelter Happy Paw, worry that food supplies will run out soon because it is too dangerous to make deliveries. Find out more HERE. The International Fund for Animal Welfare is actively assisting animal shelters in Ukraine. CLICK HERE for more information and to donate.

The Kyiv Zoo, which houses over 2600 animals, has also been very close to the fighting.

Tonight is this month’s Animal Reiki Talk, and I would like to dedicate our time together for a guided meditation for World Peace for the people and animals of Ukraine who are going through so much right now. It can be so difficult to feel so helpless in these kinds of situations, but we must remember the healing power of presence, the soul-healing ripple effect that our Animal Reiki practice has in this world, and also the power of community and coming together for the highest good. As Let Animals Lead® practitioners, we know how to bring light into darkness through the strength of meditation.

Join together with me tonight to create a healing wave of light, comfort and peace for the people and animals of Ukraine:

Animal Reiki Talk

Tonight’s Topic: World Peace, a special meditation for Ukraine
Time: 6pm Pacific time
CLICK HERE to listen to the recording.

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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1 thought on “Meditation for World Peace in Tonight’s Animal Reiki Talk”

  1. Thank you for this meditation is was beautiful and holding space in the light on a spiritual level is vital during these turbulent times.
    I read the paragraph, “hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes and they are not leaving their beloved animals behind.”
    Sad to say, these words are not true, hundreds of animals are being left behind, at bus stops, train stations, in homes, turned out onto the street, as buses often say No, Trains say No, and people flee in fear and decide to leave their animals abandoned and worse..tethered outside in freezing temperatures. This is a reminder how in those moments, animals are no longer beloved, they sadly become lesser beings that hold little value. I hold these animals in the light, surrounded by love and see them rescued. I would really like to initiate a LAL meditation for these animals who are desperate, alone, afraid and abandoned.
    I have a UK friend in Ukraine, on the ground, rescuing as many animals as he can do so safely, either from overloaded and isolated shelters (Shelter Friend) or ones that have been abandoned and or injured from explosions. He is working around the clock helping as many desperate animals as he can, and in the last 5 days has delivered food to 11 shelters and rescued 69 animals. His mission is being supported by KSAR & War Paws where people can donate:
    Blessings of Light.
    Deborah Short/Merry Puppinns.

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