a collage of students receiving the dakota scholarship 2022

Thank you so much to the 40+ applicants I got for the Dakota Scholarship. It was very hard to choose among so many wonderful animal people!

I’d love for you to meet just some of the recipients, who will be learning this method and then sharing the love and compassion of Let Animals Lead® in their communities!

I hope you enjoy reading a little about each of these wonderful women, each of whom has set a strong intention to be of service for animals in inspiring ways! I’m so excited to begin the journey with you this July 🙂

Crystal Bell-Burton manages a veterinary hospital in New York state, with the dream of having a hospice/rescue dog sanctuary for senior dogs.

Animals have always played a part in her life, since she was born and as she approaches 40, she says, “I want to pursue my passion and do more of what makes my heart happy. I want to grow my knowledge and abilities to be able to do more for my local rescue community, as well as have this knowledge for when I start my sanctuary for seniors.”

Melanie Harris is a full-time Animal Care Team Lead/Manager at her local shelter. She also fosters orphaned bottle baby kittens.

She would love to bring Animal Reiki into her shelter to ease the stress of the animals in her care, as well as share with her co-workers the benefits for the animals!

Here she is with Jack, a foster from a legal case, who she immediately adopted, once his legal status made him available. She says, “Jack is absolutely one of my angels in a silly little beefy body.”

Jeanine Boubli has loved animals all her life and rescued special cats who have become her guides and shared her life journey.

She has volunteered for over 8 years at a local farm sanctuary and would love to share the Let Animals Lead® method there after training!

She says, “Sheep, goats, a cow, alpaca, bunnies, hens, roosters, turkeys, peacocks, and ducks have also rocked my world. Every single animal is an individual, sentient and divine. So much more to share, so much love.” This is a precious photo of her at the sanctuary, with Stuart.

Lulu Bernad is originally from Mexico, but now lives in Washington State and has a passion to help rescued animals of all kinds, including rehoming stray dogs from Mexico into the US. Here is her photo with her animal teacher, Jackie (now in Spirit), who inspired her to begin her journey with Animal Reiki.

Lulu hopes to share the Let Animals Lead® method with animals in her community and beyond!

Michelle Rocke-Wharin lives in the UK and has worked and volunteered in many animal capacities, including vet practices and on a variety of farms. Her experiences with farm animals have inspired her to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Helping traumatized rescued animals is her inspiration for taking this course!

She says, “I promise I will be helping animals for the rest of my life!”

Angela Hart lives in the state of Virginia and is a Yoga Teacher. She was introduced to the Let Animals Lead® method through my videos being shared in another Animal Reiki class and, upon trying it, had an incredible moment of connection with a pony from a wild herd as she was hiking with her husband.

She is inspired now to always let animals lead the process and wants to share with the animals at a local shelter, now being built and opening soon. She also wants to share Animal Reiki as a volunteer with a local wildlife rehab center.

Sophie Malloy is a human Reiki practitioner with a passion to help animals. She has adopted many dogs and cats from shelters over the years, and honors and respects each of these beautiful beings so much!

She is excited to learn the Let Animals Lead® method so that, in her words, “I can fulfill my passion to not only bring healing and comfort to animals in animal shelters and other families’ pets in my community, but to also educate the public about the amazing healing power of Reiki.”

Mariz Voesenek is originally from Romania, but now living in the Netherlands and has extensive experience with a variety of animal welfare organizations in several countries.

Having discovered the Let Animals Lead® method, she finds the results quite “astonishing” and is very excited to learn more so that she can share Animal Reiki.

She says, “I fully intend to dedicate the rest of my life to animals.”

Susan Petschauer is a lifelong animal lover who says, “My heart bursts with love for animals and how amazing these beings are that come here to help us heal.” She was a high school teacher for many years before becoming a human Reiki practitioner and beginning her healing journey.

She has worked with some dogs, but always felt something was missing: until she found this method! She is now so excited to learn and says, “I would love to pay it forward and work with as many animals as I can if I am able to take your training.”

Leah Ann lives in Texas and has always loved animals. As she says, “My heart and soul is dedicated to supporting equines,” and she has adopted/rescued a whole herd of horses and minis.

I look forward to supporting her through this scholarship to achieve her goal:

“My goal is to acquire more education to provide Reiki to equines. I also have another goal, my vision is to build a Community Equine Reiki non-profit in San Antonio. NO animal will be turned away to receive a Reiki treatment.”

Kim Greenfield is a yoga instructor and massage therapist who also was previously a volunteer coordinator for a local dog rescue. She would love to bring the Let Animals Lead® method back to them to help the dogs in their care.

Her rescued dog Barkley has motivated her to take this class and her big dream is to one day have a giant ranch where all dogs in danger of euthanasia could come and live.

She says, ” I want to help people and animals feel better and enjoy their journeys in this lifetime.”

Elizabeth Maxcy is a lifelong animal lover with a passion for senior rescue dogs.

Her senior rescues are her teachers and have also been her inspiration and healers through thick and thin. Her story of courage and determination through some very big health challenges has inspired me to offer her this scholarship, and I can’t wait to see where this class takes her in her journey to help the dogs who need her most!

Anne-Marié le Roux lives in South Africa has been involved with animal rescue for many years and also has seven rescue dogs of her own.

She is very excited to take this training so she can share the Let Animals Lead® method in the shelters in her local area.

This beautiful photo is with her dog Noddy, who passed into spirit last Saturday, may he rest in peace.

Kerry Dunn has loved animal her whole life and fostered, retrained and rehomed many dogs over the years. She has overcome many life and health setbacks in order to devote her life to the good of animals, which is very inspiring to me!

She says, “My love for dogs and the need to be part of making their lives wonderful drives me now.

I have a vision of an animal wellness center for dogs. I would like to offer reiki, massage, Crystal healing and rehabilitation for those dogs who have suffered trauma or loss. That is what drives me now.”

Nicole Crouch lives in Southern California and took the Level 1 Online class in early 2022. She dove into the practice like a duck to water, even having a booth at a local pet fair, where she offered Animal Reiki to visiting dogs.

I’m excited to offer the Level 2 to Nicole as a part of the Dakota Scholarship, to support her in her volunteer work at the Simi Valley Shelter. I love her insight about what she learned in the Level 1 class.

She says, “what I know now is that it is not about removing illness, it is about Compassion and Acceptance with the Animals just as they are, full of light!”

Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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