Memorial Tribute for Ledger

Animals have a way of teaching us about loving, about loyalty, joy, and friendship…And whatever we’ve shared in their presence can never really be lost.

ilm_ledger-bigDear Ledge:

I read this in a book:”From time to time, when a certain person and a certain dog meet, something happens that is just like magic! It is as if they have known each other before. Each knows what the other is thinking and feeling. They will be together always.”

“…the greatest gift these friends will share is knowing what is in the other’s heart.”

“A dog can never really be separated from its forever person. Neither time nor space can ever come between them.”

I know you’re in a happy place where you can run free, strong, and brave my Little Man Lee.

You are my “forever dog” and I will love you always.


Ledger…you are at peace, you are home with your mom Kathy even though you rest at the other side of the peaceful Rainbow Bridge…but I know that you are still slam-dunking a basketball! Horribly loud noises no longer frighten you as you will forever be LEDGESTRONG.

That’ll do Ledge…that’ll do.

Love and always remembered by Grandma Jan

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