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Mindfulness with Exotic Animals

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with Christin Burford and Kathleen Prasad
Prerequisite: Must be an animal lover. šŸ™‚


Date: Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015
Location: The CARE Foundation, Apopka, FL
Cost: $200

50% donated to the CARE Foundation



Spend the day with Christin Burford and Kathleen Prasad, as they guide you on a unique journey to honor and appreciate the many animal species of the CARE Foundation.

Christin will take you on a a physical and emotional journey with the animals of CARE, sharing the touching stories of the animal residents as well as what she has learned from the various animals by working with them. Learn amazing facts about the animals, watch them eat; interact with and touch some of the animals.

Kathleen will take you on a spiritual journey with the animals of CARE. Learn how to transcend the differences of species and share healing through mindfulness meditations with the animals:

Let go of anger, stress and worry through simple techniques which are amplified when practiced with an animal.
Remember your inner peace, inner courage, and inner joy through the animal-human connection.
Watch as your body, mind and spirit heal as you connect to your deep inner self-healing power.

Watch as animals transform before your eyes when you learn to open your heart in compassion to them: compassion is the ultimate healer.
Experience how easy it is to access healing transformation, stress-relief and profound connections with animals, which are all just a mindful breath away.
Realize the power of your own self-practice to support profound healing in the animals in your life.

Peace spreads healing effortlessly.
Watch the peaceful effects of your mindfulness meditations with the animals as they ripple out into your life, bringing wellness and balance to all that you do, everywhere you go, and to everyone you meet!

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