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3 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – General Guidelines”

  1. Olive Howe Miller

    The guidelines were very helpful but I have a few questions (of course):
    How do you break the ice? Do you just walk into the shelter and say I want to look around? This is the most awkward part for me.
    What did. you do the first time you went to a shelter?
    Were you overwhelmed emotionally? I feel like I might be because going in and seeing all the animals in kennels and their sadness I will feel it.

    1. Hi Olive, The best thing is to let them know you’re interested in volunteering (as a regular volunteer) and they can show you around and you can see if it feels like a good fit for you. As a regular volunteer you’ll get to know others and how they run their program. Once they know you in that way it’s easier to have the Animal Reiki conversation 🙂 The grounding from your daily meditation practice – and reminding yourself that All is Well will help a lot w/the stress you’ll see while in there 🙂

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