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3 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Treatment Protocol”

  1. Olive Howe Miller

    When you have set your intention and are then “Holding Space” do you leave your eyes closed?
    Do you get distracted when they come and acknowledge you, your eyes then open and you respond to the animal, does it
    break the “holding of space?”


    1. Hi Olive, Remember the 4th pillar – meditation is a flexible practice so we can do it sitting, standing or walking with eyes open or closed. It’s not about the body – it’s about your state of mind. So the holding of space is that open-hearted presence in this very moment with the animal, without judgment or expectation – just being with them. Naturally we come in and out of that space because we are distractible beings, but just use your meditation practice to come back in when you feel your energy getting distracted. The distractions break the space because we are no longer present – but responding to animals shows we are present with them fully in this moment, and this is the very ideal of holding space 🙂

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