16 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. I think this is just where my path has led me. Im excited to really learn from you and to learn to slow down trusting intuition through this process. Sara

  2. I just signed up and excited for the course! Hope to meet others to share fun experiences!!

  3. Karen Augustynowicz

    Very excited to start this course. Had a little trouble logging in at first, but a change in browser solved the problem. Looking forward to meeting you all!

  4. Fantastic to get the opportunity to learn from Kathleen,
    and then give more and serve the beautiful animal souls that surround us.

    1. I just moved to a new place. 2 shy kitties already live here. Hoping they will teach me Reiki. If not I’m going to check out the local shelter. It’s a new town for me. I may go even if kitties reiki with me. Looking forward to learning from all of you as well.

  5. Hi Kathleen, I’m very much looking forward to learning from you and meeting some kindred spirit animal lovers. -Katy

  6. Hello Kathleen!
    I’m so excited to learn from you and the animals! Thankful that you are offering online classes!
    Kimberly Novak

    1. Chew Tze Yi (Yiky)

      Hi Kathleen, sounds like an immersive, holistic programme. Looking forward to get started!

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