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3 thoughts on “Animal Reiki Ripple Effect”

  1. Kathleen,
    This discussion about the ripple effect was interesting and while listening to you, you mentioned an issue that came up questioning the validity of Reiki with animals method. You have the background of training with humans. Is it possible many of us in The Let Animals Lead method may be taken even less seriously than someone with human hands on training? What are your thoughts regarding this possibility?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Olive, thanks for your question. In my experience, people who use the hands-on human method with animals get not-so-good responses from animals – but when you use the LAL method, then the animals respond really well – so even skeptics can see how animals relax and trust. My experience in shelters is that these positive responses transform staff and volunteer opinions about what we are doing, even if at first they don’t really feel it is valid. The skills you learn in LAL classes doesn’t leave anything out – as you know, you do learn hands-on Reiki for self and humans in Level 1 🙂

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