We will miss your wonderful presence, and wish you bright Reiki blessings as your spirits continue on the journey.

Murphy and Sheba are two of my Reiki clients who receive regular distant treatments. Their person enjoys sitting with them as they receive the treatments, watching the relaxation and peace (snoring and dreaming) they exhibit as they absorb the energy. After treatments, they always seem in better spirits and perkier.


ilm_mursheb-bigDuring one Reiki treatment on Murphy, I felt the energy going more strongly to his hind leg. After sharing this with his person, I learned that Murphy has difficulty with arthritis in his hind end. When he is walking on uneven surfaces – especially stepping down and when there are rocks in his path, it is not uncommon for his right hind leg to “give out” to some extent so that it crosses in back of his left hind leg. This happens very quickly and he appears to recover from it without too much difficulty or discomfort. He does not fall and his hind end does not even seem to move lower to the ground. It happens quickly and he compensates quickly. There have been a couple of incidents over the course of time when his back end did give out entirely, but fortunately these incidents have been rare and fleeting.

The day of and the next day after receiving treatment, Murphy’s walking pace was better than usual and he had been ready to go again after only a brief rest period. Also, his person did not observe the hind leg give out and then cross over at all (as described above). She described his movement as easier, and that he looked more comfortable and content.
During one Reiki treatment on Sheba, I felt nauseous, and sensed that the Reiki was focusing on emotional healing. Her person shared that Sheba tends to be very sensitive and can be rather “high strung” at times. When she had first became acquainted with Sheba a number of years ago (before she adopted her) she would go along on walks and it was common for her to throw-up at least several times a week that she was aware of. She thought that was kind of strange, but was told that it was typical behavior for her. Over the course of time this “condition” has improved and now she throws up much less often, although she is finicky and quite a picky eater.

For both dogs, it is clear that Reiki is able to find the source of their unique health issues and support their healing, providing comfort, peace and harmony during the process.

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