Animal Reiki Source Newsletter: Summer 2014

Old Tree, Still Standing 

By Julie Johnson
This story was submitted as a homework assignment for the Reiki for Dogs Correspondence Class.


Exercise to Try: The Tree (© 2012 Reiki For Dogs)

Find a big, strong healthy tree in your yard or local area that you can visit quietly, without being disturbed. Sit in the gassho meditation posture at the base of the tree (palms together at heart level). Set your intention that you are open to receive whatever you need most at this very moment. Ask the tree to assist you in this.


tree-03-550pxEagle Preserve Tree Photo © 2014 Julie Jones

With your feet about shoulder’s width apart, stand close to the tree and place your hands lightly on the trunk. Breathe in and out, with your eyes open in soft focus. Allow your senses to open to all the sounds and smells around you. Imagine the roots of the tree beneath you. Feel the solidity and strength of the tree trunk beneath your hands. Smell the aroma of the tree. See the patterns of the bark and the design of the branches stretching up into the sky above you. Listen to the leaves as they blow in the breeze.

Imagine you can breathe in the earth energy beneath you, up through the soles of your feet, and breathe out the crown of your head into the expansiveness of the sky above. Imagine your feet are the trees’ roots, your body is the trees’ trunk, your head and arms are the trees’ branches. Feel yourself connecting to the energy of the tree, and more than that, becoming one with it. How does it feel to be this tree? Notice the energetic movement that resides deep within the stillness that is the tree. Just stand and be with the tree in this energy of earth and sky.

Notes from Julie:

I opted to do the tree meditation this week which fit in perfectly, as I had spent time with a huge oak tree which is part of the protected Eagle preserve on the community where I live. Each year  I do an Eagle count of any pairs nesting and so far we have had a total of 3 successful new chicks over the last 3 years  in the nest closest to me. All Eagles are doing really well.

tree-01-200pxPhoto © 2014 Julie JonesAs you can see from the photos, they are enormous and must be over 200 years old, so it was a shock to see one that had literally split in two this past weekend, due to all the storms and torrents of rain. I kept being drawn to go to the tree, almost like it was calling me, and had held off for a few days during the week, as there where children close by. So very early Sunday morning my dog Star and I went to investigate.

I placed my hands on the fallen part of the old tree, but literally felt nothing, no vibration and so gave it a blessing of thanks for the years of protection it had provided for our wildlife and for us too. Star and I  climbed over the huge branches, which where strange to see as they where the tops of the tall limbs usually lifting so high upward into the sky which where just laying on the ground. I found a place to sit by the still upright part, and as I sat I asked if I could connect and provide some healing if needed. The answer back was almost like being sucked in.

I imagined white light, grounding my root chakra to the trees and the surrounding still tall forest,  and as I began, I noticed the air was so very still with the sun not yet up–a wonderful damp smell of the forest and all was very peaceful.  The tree seemed to be telling me, about the part that had split from it. It felt as if it was in shock and almost like it was grieving.

tree-04-200pxPhoto © 2014 Julie JonesThe feeling was so sad and familiar to me–i recently lost my dear Lab Banffee. I completely connected; the messages I received was that tree had stood for all of time. It showed me its roots reaching deep into the ground with all of life surrounding it. It was always so strong withstanding hurricanes and scorching heat, but now it had lost its other half.

I felt the connection was meant to be, as the tree echoed my feelings exactly. I also feel completely unbalanced with only one dog by my side and this tree was like a reflection, looking into the mirror. Whilst we sat in conversation with each other, I could feel warmth starting to penetrate where Star and I sat, she had settled on my lap, and was now asleep.

There where chirps and morning songs starting to erupt around us, and I still felt nothing from the fallen part of the tree at all, however at this point, “old tree, still standing” started to crack and groan as the sun hit its new wood. These pops and cracks caused Star to look around to see what was happening.

How wonderful old tree was being warmed by the sun; it sounded as if he groaned with pleasure. It was almost like he was stretching, so I asked him to lift his remaining old arms into the light and to take healing. The vibrations I sensed were amazing, ebbing and flowing in and out, and after a while the message I received from him, was very clear:

“And so is life; live in the moment and be at peace.”

What wise lessons from a beautiful tree friend that I could apply to my own life: accepting what had happened and moving on with life, being strong, and connecting my roots to the ground and looking to the light.

This is Reiki at its best and a lesson learned for me. As you say, Kathleen, who was giving whom the healing?!


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