By Felicia Wimmer 

Oreo is the beloved Master of our family! She’s Lab/Dalmatian..strongly Dalmatian, and also VERY in touch with her feline energy!

Two years ago (at Christmas) I found a lump on her throat. She was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. The tumor seemed “isolated” so we opted to do surgery. It was encapsulated so it was able to be completely removed, but the surgeon told me that it had begun to send out “fingers” into the nerves and he couldn’t be sure it wouldn’t metastasize. Her oncologist urged us to put her on a course of Chemo therapy, saying that without it, we could only hope for a maximum of 1 year with her. He offered the possibility of only 2 years with the Chemo.


ilm_oreo-bigOreo is a VERY nervous dog and suffers with anxiety issues. She doesn’t go’s simply too stressful for her. The thought of having to take her to the vet constantly for Chemo coupled with the stress it would cause her, simply didn’t seem like much quality of life for her…and given her advancing age…it just didn’t make sense.

I consulted with an animal communicator and was told that Oreo was happy that we (her family) had decided against subjecting her to Chemo. I was told that what she REALLY wanted was to be treated holistically with energy healing..Reiki !!!!! ( I was already getting many messages in my life to follow this path, but it is thanks to Oreo that I began to pursue my training in earnest!)

Now, at the age of 13..over two years and NO Chemo later… Oreo is “winding down” and there is evidence that the cancer has spread. She generally spends her days sleeping, sometimes just waking for meals. Recently however a “miracle” occurred!!!! Kathleen sent Oreo a distance treatment….. That day and much of the following day, she was exceedingly sleepy, and “droopy” but then… WOW!!!!! For over a month now she has had WAY more energy, a light in her eyes and an alertness that at times is reminiscent of her youthful self! Her quality of life has markedly improved and it’s SO nice to have this quality time with her !!!!! Thanks Kathleen!!!!

Oreo and her family 🙂

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