Animal Reiki Source Newsletter: April, May, June 2011

By Lynne Crowton

Walking in unison next to a mare as a volunteer side walker at a therapeutic horse riding center, I held on to the disabled rider as we walked and then trotted a few times around the arena. Fifteen minutes into the hour-long session, I felt this gentle heavy flowing feeling begin to move through me. My hands intermittently heated up, and I found myself energetically drawn to the horse and experienced an overwhelming yet fleeting feeling of love and connection. I was in amazement as I looked at the mare and saw her body relaxed with her head lowered to the ground. At this point my focus on the placement of my feet in relation to the mare, the child’s position in the saddle, and the instructor’s voice receded into to the background. 


Lynne Crowton - Animal Reiki
Lynne Crowton © 2011

Could this be Reiki flowing? Why now?

Just then, the horses were stopped to engage the riders in a coordination game and I took the opportunity to look around the room and noticed the other three horses also relaxed with their heads low as they intermittently licked their lips and yawned. The instructor proceeded to comment on the horse’s relaxation and jokingly concluded that they must have had a “barn party” during the night and that they perhaps did not sleep well. Then a volunteer leading another horse commented that her mare was surprisingly “acting like a lady” and did not require any corrections with the fearful rider mounted. 

During the remaining minutes of the session, I attempted to piece together what was occurring yet hesitated, as I did not want to break the beautiful connection and energetic nuisances I was experiencing though the horses. With the mare back in her stall, I rested my head under her wither and thanked her for what she and the other three horses taught me. 

Walking back to my car, I realized that while I often experience the sensation of the ebb and flow of Reiki around other animals without intention, this experience was more profound. It became clearer that the Reiki flowing was entirely independent of my intention or consciousness. It took four 1,000lb+ animals who were working at the time to show me that I was, and always will be simply the channel. 

Truly inspired and humbled, I now trust the omnipresence of Reiki on a deeper level as it continues to demonstrate its brilliance and power, along with the inherent energetic wisdom of the Animals. 

About the Author: Lynne Crowton is a Reiki Master/Teacher residing in Michigan. She offers in-person & distant treatments to animals and teaches Animal Reiki classes. She can be located at

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