Practicing Mindfulness with Animals with Animal Reiki Meditations

a black and grey tabby with green eyes lays on a carpeted floor and looks at his owner as she practices mindfulness with him
a woman practices being in the moment with her sheba inu dog by sitting with him quietly on a chair without distractions

Why is Practicing Mindfulness with Animals so important for helping them?

Over the years, animals have taught me that less is always more. True healing is a space of being, not doing.

When I focused on physical ritual (in other words, placing my hands on their bodies and focusing on “sending” or “beaming” healing energy into their bodies) animals would often walk away (if they were able) or they would tense up and be unable to relax—they would show me, very clearly, that they did NOT want to connect.

And, eventually, I realized that it was my tendency to focus mentally on what was “wrong” with a particular animal and how I needed to send it some healing or “fix” the issue that was preventing the animal from connecting with me. My own mental and physical actions were focused outward on the animal instead of inward on my own energy, my own calmness, my own peace. And it was NOT an effective way to reach animals or help them. And so, with time, I came to understand that the animals I was trying to help preferred me to simply hold space for them by focusing inward and creating a center of peace and calm that I could invite them to step into, rather than try to “cure” this or that issue. In this way, over time, I discovered that in this new approach I was actually making space for an animal to have agency over their own healing journey.

When I would focus on relaxing and just “being” in this present moment with them—with an open heart—they would be drawn to me like a magnet and able to deeply relax into a state of peace for their own self-healing. Animals know when we make space for them to be empowered, and they appreciate it so much!  And this is why, for the past 25 years that I’ve been practicing Animal Reiki meditations with animals, I’ve developed my tried and true method (Let Animals Lead®) that empowers animals and gives them agency, rather than focusing on dominating the situation by trying to fix or heal this or that issue for them.

It works. I have trained thousands of people to use my Animal Reiki method (with their own animals and those they work with) to focus on animal empowerment through mindfulness and presence as opposed to human-controlled sending, beaming, fixing or healing. And, honestly, the positive results far surpass those achieved at the beginning of my career. Through the peaceful space of “being” that mindfulness cultivates, we can quickly develop trust with animals, and this helps them drop into a deep state of relaxation. It is in this deeply relaxed state that their own self-healing process and wisdom work best!

Animals teach us to be mindful and to stop zoning out or floating in space.

All the tools we use to create that open-hearted, fully present space make it much easier for us to connect with our animals and offer them that beautiful space of healing and wholeness possibility.

And, honestly, that is exactly what animals seek in us: fully present, open-hearted being. Because that is their natural state of being; so in essence we are simply learning how to meet animals where they are.

a young boy next to a baby goat in a grass field

A little story about Pillar 5 and mindfulness.

And so, animals teach us that to connect with them, we must stay present, stay grounded, and stay here or we’ll miss the chance to connect.

the feet of a woman planted in the sound and the bottom part of her red dress showing as she grounds herself

Easy Ways to Be Present with our Animals

Becoming more mindful with our own animals, animals we work with, or even wild animals, is actually easier than many people believe. Often, it can just a few minutes a day to get started on paying more attention to ourselves, our reactions, and our patterns and every little bit takes us closer to a deeper connection with all sentient beings on our planet—especially our animals!

Here are some easy ways to raise your self-awareness and become more present and mindful around your animals:

Learn How to do Flexible or Guided Meditations

The newest Mindfulness Movement (there have been many throughout the last two hundred years) began in 2014 and it still shows up regularly in-person and online wherever we go and there’s a reason for that! The amount of “bad” stress that exists in our world has skyrocketed in the past few decades and one of the best ways to reduce or eliminate that stress is to become more mindful—of ourselves and others.

Meditation is not only amazing for reducing stress—it’s physiological and mental benefits have been rigorously studied and proven—but it’s also the ideal way to connect with animals energetically. There are, of course, many forms of meditation, but here at Animal Reiki Source, we use MANY forms and they are all flexible. Meaning, we learn how to meditate while sitting, walking, standing, and moving around while using mantras, affirmations, and visualizations that allow us to connect with animals while staying fully with them, in the moment.

For some help getting started, check out these guided meditations that will help you develop mindfulness around animals:

Become an avid “Observer”

a young monkey stands on a log in the jungle alert to his surroundings

Here’s what being the Observer sounds like:

I’m sitting in the sun on my lawn and I can feel the coolness of the grass touching my legs and the grass feels soft and slippery as I run my hand back and forth across it. I can feel the sun’s warmth on my face and there is a slight breeze ruffling my hair. I hear a bird singing above my head. A Robin is perched on a branch just above me. The branch has a lot of new spring growth and the Robin is partially hidden by the new foliage. My dog is laying at the other end of the lawn, upside down with his paws in the air. The neighbour’s kids are outside kicking a ball around their yard and their giggles are loud and high-pitched. My lips raise in a smile at their joy. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my lips. ..

At first, the Observer exercise may seem very “busy” in comparison to the quiet qualities of being mindful, but this fun little trick is a powerful method of bringing ourselves back into the present moment. And, the more often we do it, the more it becomes second nature to pay attention to what’s going on within and around us.

The bonus to being the Observer is that our animals feel the shift within us into grounded, open-hearted space and they respond to it. Next time you take your dog out for a walk or you’re petting your cat, try being the observer and talk your way through everything that happens around you, and see what happens with your animals. ✨Magic✨

Learn Animal Reiki Source Mindfulness Techniques with Us

For more information on developing mindfulness with animals, check out some more of our most popular resources:

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