2024 VIP Program for Teachers of Excellence

This is the most supportive and inspiring online professional development program Kathleen has ever offered! Teacher VIPs gain access to all the perks and benefits of both the Practitioner AND Teacher of Excellence programs for the entire year!

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NOTE: You must sign up as a Premium member of the Let Animals Lead® Mighty Networks Community to gain access to the ARS 2024 VIP Program

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Once inside our Mighty Networks community, you’ll have the choice to pay for the VIP program with a one-time payment of $899 per year or monthly subscription of $80 per month. You can choose which payment method you prefer once you’ve joined the Let Animals Lead® Community over on Mighty Networks. ✨

PLEASE NOTE: To enjoy all the benefits and professional bonuses offered in the VIP program, you must commit to the entire year (even if you are paying monthly)

The 2024 VIP Program includes:

  • The 2024 Practitioner of Excellence Program (details below)
  • The 2024 Teacher of Excellence Program (details below)
  • 50% off all on-demand courses and 1-2 hour live webinars

2024 Practitioners of Excellence includes:

  • Monthly Continuing Education sessions with Kathleen Prasad.
  • This year’s focus is a deep-dive into the Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics
  • Get a logo featuring your special status as a “Let Animals Lead® Practitioner of Excellence 2024” to use on websites, online platforms and professional and/or advertising materials.

    [Please note: Use of the LAL® Practitioner of Excellence 2024 Logo is included in this year-long program. If you choose not to commit for the year, you will lose the privilege of being able to use/display your Practitioner of Excellence 2024 Logo on your website and branding materials, as well as your listing in the ARS Practitioners directory.]
  • Have a specially featured listing at the top of your geographic location in the Animal Reiki Source Practitioner Directory on ARS website.
  • Gain access to our private practitioners group to network with and support other Practitioners of excellence.

2024 Teachers of Excellence includes:

  • Continuing Education:
    • Get the best tips and tricks to upgrade your skills as a teacher and facilitator of the LAL® method.
  • You’ll also get to co-create 2 classes with other Let Animals Lead® method teachers and present them to our online community.
  • Guest teaching in the Let Animals Lead® Community Meditation Group:
    • Get real-live experience teaching, by being a guest meditation leader in Kathleen’s online Animal Reiki Meditation Group.
  • Resit Level 1 and 2 for a discount: 
    • Want to take a level 1 or 2 class with me before you start teaching it yourself, but haven’t taken those levels with me before? As a Teacher of Excellence, you can take them for half price!
  • 2023 Teacher of Excellence Logo: 
    • Show off your logo, featuring your special status as a “Let Animals Lead® Teacher of Excellence 2024” for use on your website, online platforms and professional and/or advertising materials.
  • Special Listing on the Animal Reiki Source website: 
    • Get a special listing, by geographic region, on a designated page in the “Train with Us” section on the ARS website.
  • Exclusive access to groups, courses, and other offerings:
    • Membership to the ARS Let Animals Lead® community gives you exclusive access to groups, courses, events, and other networking opportunities not available outside the community.

Why join the 2024 VIP Program?

Now more than ever, the world needs more goodness, more love and more empowerment and respect for animals.

The Let Animals Lead® VIP Program will not only strengthen your Reiki practice, but will also help you develop your Animal Reiki teaching skills while building more compassion and loving kindness for others. Immerse yourself in the Let Animals Lead® method in 2024, so that you can BE compassion, love and light for yourself, for animals and for the world.


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