Animal Reiki Challenge On Demand Course: 3 Days of Building Better Bonds with Our Beloved Animal Friends

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This on-demand Animal Reiki Challenge will help you create lasting energetic bonds with your beloved animals.

This Animal Reiki challenge was created with all animal-lovers in mind: people who want to do right by their animals and to be the best humans they can for their animal friends! You don’t have to have any previous Reiki or meditation experience, you just need an open mind and open heart and one hour per day!

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If that sounds like you, then this quick and easy 3-day Animal Reiki challenge on-demand course is exactly what you and your animal friends need!

Take it when you want, where you want, and with whomever you want!

Here are some of the results people get when they learn even the basics of the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki:

  • Anxious animals and pets grow calm when their people are around!
  • Animals that can’t “settle” lay down and snooze!
  • Sick animals relax and their discomfort is obviously eased!
  • Injured animals often heal more quickly than expected!
  • Animals who are dying or in hospice clearly feel less pain, anxiety, and discomfort!
  • Shelter and rescue workers create a shift from anxiety to calmness in the facility housing the animals!
  • People who work with animals regularly see a noticeable difference in the energy and dynamics of animal behaviours!
  • Some people feel or “see” what their animals are feeling! (Even though our method doesn’t teach anyone how to do this, it seems to often be a common side effect of learning LAL® Animal Reiki.)
  • Wild animals start coming closer to enjoy the space people create with meditations!
a golden lab sniffs the fingers of a human lady as she sits on the couch offering a reiki space during an animal reiki 3 day challenge to learn how to bond with animals

Learn how to “hold space” for animals during this 3 days of learning about the Let Animals Lead® meditation method of Animal Reiki

If you’ve ever heard the expression holding space, it will make sense if we say that the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki teaches us how to hold space for the animals around us, even the wild ones. This is a space they are drawn to and want to interact with; a space that can offer comfort to them when they are anxious, sick, or dying; a space that often facilitates healing when an animal is given the choice to participate in it.

This will help your pet (or animals you work with regularly) to trust your energy and bond with it.

a young blonde woman stands forehead to nose with her horse with a hand under his cheek participates in an animal reiki challenge with Kathleen Prasad

Each day of this 3-Day On-Demand Animal Reiki Challenge course will help you to cultivate a calm, peaceful, open-hearted space within yourself that your animals will WANT to connect with, even if you’ve NEVER meditated or tried to connect with your animals before.

Here’s what the 3 days of Animal Reiki basics will look like:

Day 1: We focus on building better bonds by improving awareness of physical connections with our animals

Today’s focus is all about learning to live in the moment more fully, as our animals do! As we build mindfulness, we’ll be able to experience life with more joy and fullness with the animals we love! You’ll learn a very special mindfulness meditation to practice in the presence of your animal friends that can quickly strengthen your relationship with them.

You’ll also receive a recording of a nature meditation to support your physical connections with animals and 1 lucky student (must be present, live!) will receive a free book, “Your Guide to Forest Bathing.” 

Day 2: We focus on Building Better Bonds through Improving Mind Connections with our Animals

Today’s focus is all about learning to expand our view from what is “wrong” to be able to hone in on the positive, even in difficult moments. When we do this, our vibration lightens and animals are drawn to us when they need us most. 

You’ll learn a very special affirmation meditation to help you strengthen your mind connections with the animals you love!

You’ll also receive a recording of a meditation with the lion, courage and wisdom to support positive mind connections with animals—and one lucky student (must be present live!) will receive a free book, Happiness by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Day 3: We focus on Building Better Bonds through Deepening Spiritual Connections with our animals

Todays’ focus is all about remembering our inherent connections and unity with ALL life and contemplating our place in this beautiful world. When we can see that we are the light, and our animals are the light—we can find a deep and lasting happiness, no matter what’s going on around us or within us. 

You’ll learn a very special compassion meditation to help you build heart-to-heart connections with the animals you love. 

kathleen prasad with her dog dakota on her lap demonstrates the power of trust during an animal reiki challenge

If you want to build better bonds with your beloved animal friends, but aren’t quite sure how and don’t have time to commit to a bigger, bulkier course on this topic, this Animal Reiki Challenge on-demand course will be perfect! It will give you some basics and some tools that will help you build trust with your animal and find a new space of healing calm within yourself.

Kathleen Prasad (founder of the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki) designed this quick and easy-to-follow Animal Reiki challenge to introduce people to Animal Reiki meditation techniques and the Let Animals Lead® method. Animals are all about energy and, since they can’t just tell us what’s going on with them, it’s really helpful if we can learn to reach them on an energetic level and anyone can do this, with a little practice! We can also learn to create a loving, safe space for our animals that will help them feel comfortable and safe in many situations.

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  1. Melissa M.

    I just completed the Animal Reiki Challenge and it was everything I hoped it would be! I absolutely loved it. I didn’t know much about Reiki, especially when it comes to animals and it was a perfect place to start. I was a little hesitant to commit to the level one class so I loved the taste I got from this course. I will definitely be signing up for Level 1 as I can’t wait to continue learning. I loved the meditations that we did at the end of each day and I especially loved the meditations Kathleen emailed us each evening. I’ve been practicing them daily! I thought this class was the perfect introduction to the Let Animals Lead method of Animal Reiki. I highly recommend the 3 day challenge!

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