How Animal Reiki is Different from Human Reiki…And Why it Matters


Do you sometimes get less than enthusiastic responses from animals when you offer them Reiki?

Do you want to deepen your awareness of how animals can also heal us?

Animals connect to energy easily in nonphysical ways, unlike humans who feel energy more easily with touch. Animals deserve to be approached with respect and sensitivity and the best way to do this is by letting them lead the Reiki process.

This class will help you use the most gentle and ethical approach, suitable for animals of any species and physical or emotional condition.

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In this 1-hour audio class, we’ll explore the myth that “Reiki with animals is no different than with humans.” Kathleen Prasad will share the many practical and ethical reasons why it’s vital that we realize this so we can “get it right” in our approach when we share Reiki with animals.

Sure we might mean well, but approaching animals with a human Reiki protocol can result in very unhappy responses from the animals we are trying to help.

This class will give you essential tips and guidelines to use so you can be sure you’re always honoring animals during Reiki. Being able to step back and center your Reiki practice on meditation, rather than physical touch, will make all the difference in the responses you get from them!

You’ll also learn a special grounding meditation to help you hold space for animals and deepen your intuitive listening skills.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Lifetime access to your course through our special online academy experience.
  • Students will also receive a special e-book, “How to Create Powerful Distant Animal Reiki Sessions.”

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