Online Workshop: Animal Reiki for Empaths


Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2023 
Time: 6-7:15 PM Pacific time

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This live, online Animal Reiki workshop—Animal Reiki for Empaths—will give you some new tools for navigating your empathetic abilities with your animals.

Being an empath sometimes feel like a curse, but what if it could be your greatest strength as an Animal Reiki practitioner?

kathleen prasad sits with her hand under her chin looking out the window thinking about animal reiki for empaths and how she has used her empathic abilities to enhance her Reiki practice over the years
Kathleen Prasad, founder of Animal Reiki Source and the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki

In this course, Kathleen will show you how to use your empathic abilities to your (and your animals’) advantage, by sharing tips she’s learned from years of practicing Animal Reiki and also being an empath.

In this live, interactive Animal Reiki workshop, you’ll learn:

  • what an empath is and if are you one.
  • the positives and challenges of being an empath and Animal Reiki practitioner.
  • how being an empath can affect your Animal Reiki sessions.
  • who are the top energy vampires for Animal Reiki empaths and how to avoid them.
  • what happens when we sense an animal’s pain and suffering during a session and how we can turn this into a positive (using our empathy to find true compassion with the animal because we’ve “been there”).
  • tips to cultivate an energetic foundation of balance and grounding.
  • tips to rebalance your energy in difficult situations.
  • how to set up every Animal Reiki session for success!

Plus, learn a special meditation for Animal Reiki empaths.

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If you’re interested in joining our online community and receiving regular guided meditations for offering Animal Reiki, exclusive Animal Reiki education, and ongoing support from a wonderful worldwide Animal Reiki community, it’s open to anyone who has trained in our Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki and costs just $11/month.

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