Animal Reiki Gone Wild!

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February 23rd, 2020 – 10am-4pm
The CARE Foundation, Apopka, FL

Join us for an awe-inspiring day, 10am-4pm, of Animal Reiki meditation and heart to heart connections with the unusual and exotic animals of the CARE Foundation. Learn how to make a real difference in your community through Animal Reiki! This class is open to all levels of Reiki practitioners from all lineages. 50% donated to the CARE Foundation!

Christin Burford, Founder of CARE, will take you on a heartwarming tour with the animals of CARE, sharing the touching stories of the animal residents as well as what she has learned from the various animals by working with them. Learn amazing facts about the animals, watch them eat; interact with and touch some of the animals.

Kathleen Prasad will also share the best, most gentle and ethical ways to offer Reiki to captive wild animals. Animal Reiki requires a different approach than human Reiki, and this is especially crucial if you want to be successful in connecting with wild, fearful or abused animals. You’ll also learn some of Kathleen’s favorite Reiki meditations and practice them with the exotics of CARE.

Kathleen will also share practical tips for volunteering Reiki in your local community to make a real difference for rescued animals! Once you’ve taken this class, you’ll feel confident to go into your local zoo, sanctuary, shelter or rescue to give Reiki support for all species of animals, as well as their caregivers!

All students will receive a copy of the book, Healing Virtues: Transforming Your Practice Through the Animal Reiki Code of Ethics.

1 review for Animal Reiki Gone Wild!

  1. Amber Keirn

    Let Animals Lead Teacher Training and Reiki Gone Wild is an amazing experience. Kathleen is a true advocate for the animals. Her light shines so bright and it was an honor to be taught by her and the animals of Care Foundation. I am grateful Kathleen is so passionate about helping the animals and sharing her vast knowledge and creating such a wonderful program.

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