2022 Animal Reiki Meditation Group

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Meditate the Let Animals Lead® way for peace and healing with your animals and Kathleen via webinar! Each month this year, for a total of 12 meetings, Kathleen will create a special healing Animal Reiki Space through guided meditation for you and the animals you love. Sign up by Jan. 25 to be a part of this special group in 2022! 

Join this special group and meditate for peace and healing with your animals and Kathleen via webinar! Each month, Kathleen will give a short talk on a special Animal Reiki topic and then create a special Let Animals Lead® method meditation for you and the animals you love.

Can’t be there live? Each of the 12 meditation sessions will be recorded in both video and audio formats. This group will also have a private Facebook group for members to connect and share their Animal Reiki experiences with each other.

These 12 meditations will be wonderful to listen to again and again with the animals you love. Invite in your cats and dogs at home, bring these audios to listen to at the shelter where you volunteer, or listen in as you stand in the pasture with your farm animals or horses.  Kathleen’s voice and energy will support you to create the peace and healing of the Animal Reiki Space, while also protecting animal choice and independence.

Let’s make it a great year by focusing on Animal Reiki Meditation!

2022 Animal Reiki Meditation Group Schedule

Time: 1-1:30PM Pacific time, the last Wednesday of the month (except Dec. is the 3rd Wed.)
Dates: 1/26, 2/23, 3/30, 4/27, 5/25, 6/29, 7/27, 8/31, 9/28, 10/26, 11/30, 12/21

Don’t wait to sign up! Enrollment closes for 2022 session on January 25th.

14 reviews for 2022 Animal Reiki Meditation Group

  1. Christine Cary

    This has been my second year participating in this group and it has been invaluable. I join the meditations live from the UK, and then practice them throughout the month on video. Kathleen is an inspiration, and the group provide insights into their animal meditation practice. I will be joining again for 2021 as I really relish the monthly sessions. Thank you Kathleen.

  2. Margery Entwisle

    This is my second year in Kathleen’s online meditation with animals group. I so look forward to each month’s meditation. Kathleen speaks to the heart of those who meditate with her and we are so lucky to be able to listen to each meditation throughout the month and to share her wisdom with our animals.

  3. Tiffany Kneeland

    This is the second time I have participated in the Animal Reiki meditation group. I absolutely love Kathleen’s guided medications that I use for my daily practice with my animals. After learning various types of human Reiki, I am blessed to have finally found the practice that helps me and my pets to become more balanced on a daily basis. I have found that when I practice with her guided meditations before I formally begin my day, I am much better able to manage any stressful situations that might arise. Plus, my dog loves it too, he automatically comes to sit with me when I begin the practice! As well, I love to listen to Kathleen’s insightful discussion before the meditations, they help me to dive deeper into the practice and help me to integrate the teachings into my daily life as well.

  4. Diane Ditrick

    I am so grateful to be able to participate in the 2019 Animal Reiki Meditation series, continuing from the 2018 series, with my cat Sundance. And we are already happy about and looking forward to the 2020 series, with Kathleen Prasad and the beloved community that will continue to co-create something very special. I love that we receive a new 30 minute meditation from Kathleen’s heart and experience and wisdom, every month. And we have a chance to be with her – and each other – live, during this session, and/or the replays are available should we not be able to participate in the session, live. This year, I committed to practicing the Reiki meditation daily. This has been life-changing for me, as I am feeling much more grounded within myself, and heart-connected more to every moment, as a result. And my relationship with Sundance continues to evolve and unfold; as I am now leveraging the Let Animals Lead approach that I have been taught by Kathleen, through her practice and her approach. So for instance, every day, Sundance shows me where she wants to go, to experience the healing energy we feel, during our meditation session together. And, sometimes, I continue the session, even as she walks away – and that is fine too. We have forged a special bond with this session. And I see that I am much more aware and appreciative of all sentient beings, as a result. Anyway, I am grateful for these sessions, and am also starting to keep a journal of the thoughts that arise during the session, that I might want to remember later. So all in all, this is a very fulfilling experience. Sundance was diagnosed earlier this year with several corneal ulcers, which turned out to be a physical manifestation of the herpes virus. And physical manifestations typically arise from stress. Since we have been meditating daily, Sundance’s corneal ulcers are no longer occurring. I feel strongly that the meditation sessions have been healing to Sundance.

  5. Christine Cary – West Hyde Reiki

    Attending Kathleen’s Reiki Meditation Group (RMG) during 2019 has been such a wonderful experience. The meditations themselves have been fantastic and it is great to be able to go back the videos to use them over and over again. I have also loved being part of the live broadcast together with other members of the group. It has been easy to join from the UK, as the broadcast takes place in the evening. It has been invaluable to me as I build my animal reiki skills, and I love Kathleen’s Let Animals Lead approach. It’s also been a pleasure being part of the Facebook group and seeing how everyone’s animals have taken to joining in the meditations, and to be able to share our experiences. It has been very special to me to attend the RMG, and I will be signing up for 2020 very soon.

  6. Janet Dobbs

    I have already registered for the 2019 meditation group. You will not want to miss it. I signed up for the 2018 group because I wanted to do something special just for my animals and me. I knew that no matter what Kathleen offers it would be wonderful. Each month Kathleen lead a lovely new guided meditation. 30 minutes is the perfect time. Not too long. Not too short. My kittens would come join me as soon as Kathleen would begin the meditation. Usually they would take a sweet little Reiki nap. As others have shared, it was lovely seeing Kathleen and others in the group during the live portion of the meditation. With each month and session that passed our group energy grew and blended allowing us to delve deeper and deeper with Kathleen leading the way. I also loved our private facebook group. I so enjoyed seeing photos of everyones animals before, during and/or after a meditation session as well as between live sessions. No worry if you can’t make the session live because we received a video and audio recording to play between sessions. Thank you Kathleen for making the group possible and thank everyone that was part of the 2018 group as well. I can’t wait for 2019.

  7. Belinda Chambers

    I invite everyone who reads this to join our expanding Reiki Meditation group each month it has been such a joy such a blessing and so grounding and peaceful for my dogs and I to be part of the group through 2018. Despite being in another time zone and never having participated with any of you dear ones I feel very much part of our group and feel each one of you friends in particular Sundance the Reiki Cat Master! My wild Jack Russell Terriers settle immediately at the sound of Kathleen’s voice as we start each precious day in a Reiki State of Mind and Heart. I look forward to downloading each new month but have found I have three favourites and one the month of July has become our go to for a meditation that connects us to ourselves to our Reiki friends and family and to all living beings on our planet and the special ones we invite in times of particular need. It has deepened my own practice and I see my participation as a means of honouring and supporting my great teacher for whom I have such deep respect, gratitude and love. Thank you Kathleen.

  8. Diane Ditrick

    I am so grateful for this year’s animal reiki meditation sessions with Kathleen Prasad. I have signed up for next year’s sessions, too.
    My cat Sundance is always with me for the monthly meditation session. As I know that my energy affects hers, I have found that this meditation helps to ground me, which helps to provide an open and healing space for her to come into. I am amazed and grateful at how relaxed Sundance becomes, early in the meditation session. Sundance will also lead me to our meditation space at other times; and I know she wants to have a session. So I use the current month’s recording – or select another month’s theme, and we listen to the meditation again. I have so appreciated being on the calls with our group, every month; as I feel I have gotten to know some very special people that are dedicated to loving animals in all walks of life. And I am very moved when we share pictures of our animals with whom we share our meditations. We receive a new meditation with Kathleen, every month. Afterwards, she emails us the recording in a variety of audio and video recordings formats (mp4 and m4a), so there are a variety of ways that they can be easily listened to, for subsequent use. And in closing: I love knowing what an incredibly wonderful difference it can make in my day and in Sundance’s day (and I invite in other animals too, many times) to have this 30 minute time together, in a reiki meditation. I am grateful.

  9. Monique MacMillan

    Love being a part of Kathleen Prasad’s 2018 meditation group! Kathleen has many years of experience meditating and her insight and love for Animal Reiki makes each session powerful and pleasurable. After each one, I always feel relaxed and peaceful and can see from the calmness and tranquility in my animals that they benefit from the sessions as well. I love the venue and the recordings so I can listen to any meditation anytime and as often as I’d like. Kathleen offers an amazing guided meditation series and I highly recommend it to anyone, new or experienced.

  10. Mary Cefalu

    Participating in Kathleen’s 2018 meditation group has helped me really develop my personal practice. I now have a library of beautifully guided meditations and the “just right for the moment” meditation always seems to be there. I love being part of a group with like-minded interest and the fact that we can continue our connection throughout the months through a special Facebook group is really icing on the cake. I’m joining the 2019 group! If you are hesitating for any reason, don’t! This group will be well worth your time.

  11. Karren O’Sullivan

    What a remarkable experience to be a part of this meditation group! Each month, Kathleen leads us through a unique, empowering and healing meditation we can share alongside our animals. The beauty of seeing her speaking with us live, through technology, helps make our group coehesive as we support one another. She provides us with both audio and visual recordings so that we may continue each months’ guided meditation on our own time, in our home, out in nature or while traveling. Sharing our photos and experiences of how we and our animals respond to each meditation is endearing! I’m definitely signing up for 2019!

  12. Sherry Lorenz Zwick

    I’m signing up again for 2019….really don’t need to say more. But I will. I go back to these meditations often, especially when I am with rescues or at the vet with their patients. It helps me to deepen my meditations and focus on animal Reiki. My animal family love the meditations and frankly so do I. The meditations contribute to me being a better practitioner and teacher. My days and life are easier and more peaceful. I don’t have to try to remember a meditation or read one…just listen any time. LOVE IT! As I said, I’m doing it again in 2019 after participating in 2018.

  13. Sandy Cooley

    Being part of Kathleen’s Reiki Meditation Group this year (2018) has been a true blessing. Kathleen shares her experience and heart. Participating with this supportive group has been a great way to learn, practice, and share the Reiki space with each other and the animals. Having access to the recordings and videos is a valuable benefit – I encourage anyone considering this class to join and practice with us!

  14. Karen Spinelli

    I have loved participating in these monthly reiki meditations with Kathleen!
    Her views of animal reiki mirror the way I view it as well, which has felt extremely supportive and validating.
    Whether you are new to reiki and/or animal work or been involved in it for a long time,
    and whether you are interested for your own animals or animals you work with,
    there is always something new to learn and a lot to gain by having the increased energy of a like-minded group of people
    all coming together for such a special goal.
    Also, having the audio and video recordings afterward to be able to re-play again later on has been wonderful.
    I genuinely recommend Kathleen’s animal reiki meditation group!

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