Animals Should Always Lead Reiki: Your Ethical Blueprint for Honoring Animal Preference


Want to always receive the most enthusiastic responses from animals during your Reiki sessions?

Want to use the gentlest and most humble approach so that you never come on too strong and are successful in connecting no matter how sensitive an animal may be?

Do you view animals as healers and teachers in their own right?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, this 1-hour course is for you! You’ll get to see and hear the stories of many animals helped with the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki as you learn the essential steps to an ethical and animal-centric approach.

This class is for all Reiki practitioners of any level of training in any lineage.

*This product is part of the The Let Animals Lead® Method Foundation Package. Buy the package and save $96!


Get the blueprint for an ethical approach to Animal Reiki taught by the Let Animals Lead® method. You’ll learn how to always build trust and confidence on both sides (human and animal) of the session. You’ll get tools that will make you confident in helping animals to express themselves and connect to Reiki sessions in ways that are unique and honoring of each moment. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to listen to and honor animal preference within the context of a Reiki session. This class will give you the Master Plan to always create the most beautiful, gentle Reiki space that will honor animals, no matter their backgrounds or the issues they face.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Lifetime access to your course through our special online academy experience.
  • One 1-hour teaching session recorded on video. This video includes an extensive powerpoint with real photos and videos from the field that  illustrate the 7 steps to an ethical approach using the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki.

*Note: This course is part of the The Let Animals Lead® Method Foundation Package. CLICK HERE to order the complete package for special savings, plus receive lifetime access to the Let Animals Lead® Method Audio Library.


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