The Heart Your Animals Meditation Series


In this uniquely animal-centric meditation course, Kathleen Prasad shares what she has learned from her animal-guided meditation practice: a gentle, yet powerful way to heal with the wisdom and compassion offered by our animal teachers.

The lessons will guide you through contemplative, animal-friendly meditations and give you a fresh, new and compassionate approach to transform and heal your relationship with your inner self, with the animals you love and with the world around you.

Open to all animal-lovers. This course teaches animal-friendly meditation practices and does not require formal Reiki training (however Reiki practitioners of all lineages welcomed!).

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Lesson 1: The Heart of Healing

In this 1-hour audio lesson, we will discuss a deeper, more profound meaning of healing that is accessible in every moment, no matter what physical or emotional issues are faced.

Through the powerful Animal Reiki Meditation with the Swan, you’ll learn how to see difficulties with more positivity.

No matter what struggles we may face, the inner light of our spirit shines through, always perfect and strong. The more we can remember this, the easier it is to stay positive for our animals and help them when they need us most.

Lesson 2: The Heart of Connection

Normally, we see ourselves as quite different and separate from our animals. This disconnected thinking can block our ability to understand and assist our animals when they need us most.

What if we could soften the edges that separate us and remember that truly, in our deepest hearts, we are not so different after all?

In this lesson, you’ll learn an Animal Reiki Meditation with the Whale, as well as real-life stories from an elephant, a leopard and a dog to illustrate how patience, humility and courage are the qualities we must nurture in order to bond more deeply with the animals we love.

Lesson 3: The Heart of Change

In a world that fears change, it’s hard to imagine that we could ever embrace it, yet when we do, our relationship with our animals can go so much deeper!

This lesson will give you tips on letting go of your fear so you can meet life’s changes with courage and compassion. You’ll also learn practical mental techniques to make a positive, intentional impact in your world.

Through the Meditation with the Hara, Precepts and Animals, you’ll realign with your heart’s purpose and find strength you never realized you had. Watch as animals are drawn to your new state of mind and heart!

Lesson 4: The Heart of Struggle

When times are tough, we might sometimes feel like giving up. It’s not always easy to find the strength to keep going for animals we love.

In this class, you’ll learn three powerful meditation techniques to share with animals:

The Metta Meditation on Kindness to Animals

Chanting the First Reiki Mantra for Animals

The White Horse Meditation

This class will teach practical ways to work through anger, dissolve fear and remember our inner heart of optimism and compassion. With mindful practice and the help of your animals, it is possible to get through anything in life with peacefulness and grace!

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