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Do you long for you and your animals to experience more peace in life?

Want to get a solid foundation in the benefits of animal-guided meditation for healing?

Do you want to be able to stay stable and strong to help your animals through difficult situations, illnesses and ailments?

In this groundbreaking six-lesson video course, Kathleen Prasad shows how to use Reiki meditation to support, enhance and empower your healing relationships with animals.

You’ll learn simple ways to help you let go of stress and anxiety in your life, so that you can more easily experience wellbeing, gratitude and reverence for the gifts your animals bring to your life!

Meant for all those who love animals and desire to make a real difference for them in the world, this course will help you harness the power of love and compassion for the good of animals.

From simple animal-guided meditation practices that will improve your grounding and energetic balance, to exercises that will help you awaken to the ways animals can help you overcome fear and expand your mind, this course will unlock the doors to healing and personal transformation and will change the way you see the human/animal bond forever!

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Course Features:

Strengthen your connection to animals, to love and to healing, with this in-depth, informative and empowering meditation course!

Learn from Kathleen Prasad, the world’s leading expert in Reiki for animals, from the comfort of your own home.Through Kathleen’s inspiring stories, photos and real-life animal videos in the field, you’ll learn how animal-guided meditation can deepen your relationships with animals and enhance your wellbeing.  This course will change the way you view your animals, and show you how to empower them to become your teachers in the journey of healing!

View lessons at your convenience: this course includes six hour-long lessons that include personal teaching with the authority in the field of Animal Reiki, Kathleen Prasad, who shares captivating videos and compelling photos to illustrate her unique Animal Reiki teachings and one-of-a-kind Let Animals Lead® approach.

Conquer Fear and Expand your Mind

Kathleen will guide you through special Animal Reiki meditations to help you transform stress and worry into peace and gratitude, even when facing enormous challenges.

Tune Into the Subtle Language of Your Heart

In today’s stressful world, the wisdom within us, that deepest voice that is always there to guide us, is sometimes so hard to hear. Learn ways to tune into this wisdom and translate it for the benefit of the animals you love most.

Unleash your Inner Peace

Be guided to look more deeply at difficult situations, rather than just focusing on the problems. When we learn to see things from the heart, it’s much easier to radiate peacefulness, connect and be fully present, no matter what struggles your animals may be facing.

Gain Confidence in a New Way to Help Animals

These practices will help ground you, energize you, expand your mind and heart in ways that will truly transform your life. Animals will be drawn to the energy you cultivate through this profound meditation method.

Course Lessons:

Lesson 1: The key to knowing yourself: the power of your own heart.

We’ll take stock of where we are at this moment in our Animal Reiki Journey, who our animal teachers and healers are, and this week’s meditation will focus on strengthening our inner light to help the animals we love.

Lesson 2: The keys that clarify how Reiki creates infinite healing possibility.

We’ll talk about what exactly Animal Reiki is, and how the foundation of meditation is key to connecting successfully with animals. Through the healing bridge meditation, we’ll learn how to create space for animals with the highest love and compassion.

Lesson 3: The key to facing healing challenges with gratitude and reverence.

This lesson will focus on making the key teachings of the system of Reiki (such as the precepts, physical touch and mental focus) acceptable and agreeable for all animals, no matter how sensitive. This week’s meditation focuses on bringing together the precepts and animals for powerful healing!

Lesson 4: The key to grounding, presence and mindfulness.

This lesson’s focus will help us to uncover the Reiki treasure of grounding. We’ll explore why grounding is so difficult, how animals help us to ground, and why grounding is imperative in order to be able to support animals through the healing process. This week’s meditation will support us to create a very grounded and stable energy.

Lesson 5: The key to expanding our minds and seeing with our hearts.

This lesson’s focus will help us to uncover the Reiki treasure of expansion. We’ll work with the energy of the rhino to develop grounding, expansiveness and gratitude so that we are at our best to help the animals we love. This week’s meditation will bring in rhino energy to help us learn to see deeper than the surface: to see with our Reiki eyes (from our hearts).

Lesson 6: The keys to bringing Reiki healing into every part of your life.

This week we’ll discuss the importance of using Animal Reiki to help us get through tough times and health challenges. This week’s meditation on gratitude and reverence will help us open our hearts to radiate a strong, healing Reiki space that will help animals heal, no matter what difficulties they face.

Students who complete all lessons have the option of completing a final project in order to receive a beautiful certificate to celebrate your online achievement. If you’re ready to open the door to a new life of heart to heart healing connections with animals, this online course is for you!

What You’ll Receive:

  • Lifetime access to your course through our special online academy experience.

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1 review for Heart to Heart Animal Reiki

  1. Mary Alice Santoro

    I just finished the 6 week on-line course, ” Successful Heart to Heart Animal Reiki Connections “. I must say I absolutely loved this course ! First of all, I love the on-line courses that I can take at home at my leisure. This course is set up so you can miss a week and not miss any of the wonderful information Kathleen has to impart. Second, the information is easy to learn and serves as not only a review but also conveys new information and different ways of seeing the animals in our lives. I am a Master level Reiki practitioner and certainly do not claim to know all there is to know about Reiki so everytime I get to take a class like this I feel as though I am learning new things all over again. Kathleen makes this process so easy. The information, helpful hints and meditations are fun and so helpful at the same time. I heartily recommend this course if you want to add new information to your Reiki tool box, or review information you already have. You and the animals you serve will be forever grateful.

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