Learning About Oneness from Animals


10am Pacific time – Saturday, May 21st. Early Bird Pricing ends May 13th!

In this special 90-minute webinar, the fifth and final in the Animal Wisdom Series, renowned holistic veterinarian and Reiki Teacher Ricardo Gare from Brazil and Animal Reiki expert Kathleen Prasad from the USA will teach two powerfully healing meditations to help animals guide us to expansiveness and limitless healing possibilities to live our best, most compassionate lives.

Perhaps the deepest concept in the system of Reiki that we explore through our practice is Oneness: the interconnected nature of our Universe. I truly believe animals know how to open doors to help us to understand what this means. And healing our relationship to them can bring wholeness to our planet in very profound ways.
Ricardo and I have so enjoyed exploring, through our past webinars, how animals teach us the other elements of earth, water, fire and air. This class explores Oneness through the final spiritual element of Space.

Space is the most subtle of the elemental energies, and yet in many ways the most powerful, as it encompasses and transcends all the other elements. Space element energy can empower us to reconnect with our spiritual energy more fully so that we can manifest wisdom and compassion more fully on the physical plane. In plain terms, this means it can help us remember our Oneness so that we can live up to our positive human potential!

This class will be offered on Zoom in English with a Portuguese simultaneous translation available if needed. Can’t make it live? All participants will receive the English video (and Portuguese audio recordings if requested).

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How the culturally-biased view of human and animal separation has damaged our relationships with other beings and our world, and how to begin making amends.
  • How many species of animals can teach us about wisdom and compassion.
  • How meditation can help us open up to spiritual Oneness and help us live our lives with more harmony and compassion.

Plus you’ll be guided in:

  • An expansive meditation with animal energy to help you awaken to the power of gentleness and stillness to re-align your heart and mind to your inherent Oneness.
  • A reconnection meditation with Life to help you remember who you really are and help create a new relationship between humans and all kinds of life.

Kathleen and Ricardo believe it is time for humans to listen to the lessons animals teach us every day in so many ways! This class is the fifth and final in the Animal Wisdom Series, and we hope this series of courses will support you in creating a more compassionate life! Find deeper wisdom and insights by meditating with the special animals in this series. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join the English and Portuguese healing community for the good of all beings!

Your Instructors

Reiki Master and Teacher from Brazil Ricardo Gare

Ricardo Gare:
Master in Health Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, USP. Master in Reiki, Professional Animal Communicator, ThetaHealing Instructor and Therapist

Reiki Master and Teacher Kathleen Prasad from California

Kathleen Prasad:
Author, Animal Reiki Teacher and Founder of the Let Animals Lead® Method of Animal Reiki, Co-founder of The Shelter Animal Reiki Association


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