Level 1 Animal Reiki Online Certification Class – Morning Session

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Session 1: Morning

8 Wednesdays from 10:00 – 11:15 AM Pacific Time

July 7 – Aug. 25, 2021 

If you can’t come to study in-person with Kathleen, this class is the next best thing! This Level 1 online certification course will give you a transformational and in-depth foundation in Kathleen’s unique and groundbreaking Let Animals Lead®  method of Animal Reiki.  Whether you want to deepen your own spiritual journey with animals or to begin a professional journey towards Animal Reiki Teacher certification, this class is for you! This course is also a great way for Kathleen’s Level 3 students to brush up on the basics before teaching a Level 1 course in-person. Each session will meet 8 times via webinar. In order to receive your certificate, participants must have animals they can practice with daily and must attend at least 7 of 8 live webinar meetings. Students must also submit written homework for any week that they are unable to share with the group.  In order to ensure that all students are being supported, registration for each session is limited to 8 people, so sign up before we sell out!   

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After many requests and much heartfelt contemplation, Kathleen has thoughtfully created an 8-week online version of her popular and life-changing in-person Level 1 course.

Kathleen’s vast experience, having taught over 60 in-person Level 1 Animal Reiki classes over the past 16 years in various shelters and sanctuaries around the U.S., makes her uniquely qualified to teach you, in an online and interactive format, the important foundations and ethics you need to make Animal Reiki a lifelong practice. You won’t find Kathleen’s Let Animals Lead® method anywhere else, unless you train in person with one of her teachers!

What you’ll learn:

The traditional Japanese meaning of Reiki and how it relates to the healing of self and others

Traditional practices of Joshin Kokyu Ho and Seishin Toitsu, and how to use them with animals

The Reiki Precepts, and meditations for working with them with animals

Hands-on Reiki self-treatment, and how to incorporate animals into these sessions

Overview of the Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics and discussion of its importance when approaching animals with Reiki sessions

Tried and true methods for sharing Reiki with animals and people together

Techniques for grounding, expansion and connection to help you become an animal magnet to even the most sensitive animals!

Kathleen’s groundbreaking philosophy of “being” Reiki “with” your animals, rather than “doing” Reiki “to” them

What you’ll receive:

Eight 75-minute teaching sessions via webinar, recorded in both video and audio formats (Each meeting also includes a guided meditation, distant attunement and time for discussion.)

Daily practice assignments and weekly notes and resources to guide your journey

A free copy of Kathleen’s newest e-book, Healing Virtues: Transforming Your Practice Through the Animal Reiki Code of Ethics

A beautiful certificate to show your accomplishment and official certification. This certificate may serve as a prerequisite to Kathleen’s Level 2 in-person courses. 

An invitation to join SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association) as a Practitioner member

An invitation to join a private FB group for Kathleen’s Level 1 online graduates, to stay connected with other like-minded animal lovers


Students will need to be able to participate live at scheduled times (attendance required at a minimum of 7 of 8 sessions to receive certification). You must be able to connect via video (preferably) or audio on the webinar platform Zoom.

Students will need to be able to download and open pdf documents in order to read the weekly lessons and assignments. All assignments must be shared either verbally during class, or if that is not possible, written up and sent to Kathleen via email.

Students must have animals to practice with daily.  A variety of animals is preferable (ask neighbors and friends to support you!), but 1 or 2 of your own, at the very minimum, is needed.

Students must commit to 10-20 minutes/day minimum of daily meditation practice during the course (weekly assignments will be given). The main purpose of this requirement is to help you experience the power of Reiki practice in a personal way, thus giving you the foundation you need to build a lifelong Animal Reiki practice. With dedication and commitment, Animal Reiki can heal and transform your life, as well as the lives of the animals you love!

Healing Experience from a Student:

I just wanted to share this while it is still so fresh. I have been dealing with some significant chronic pain in my neck/shoulder area. It has been getting increasingly worse over the last several weeks. 

Anyway, after the meditation/Reiju during class today, I sat up and noticed that the pain had all but left that region! I was so surprised by this feeling (or lack thereof) that I had to move my head from side to side to make sure this was real! I also noticed that after doing the hara breathing this ball of uneasiness in my gut was no longer weighing me down either! Just an overwhelming sense of calm and peacefulness. 

The pain isn’t completely gone but on a scale of 1-10 it was a 15! Now it’s 2-3! I am truly blessed to be able to attend your class and so grateful that you even offer it!

16 reviews for Level 1 Animal Reiki Online Certification Class – Morning Session

  1. Emma Duvefelt

    This class was wonderful. Kathleen guided us through the teachings, helping us to unfold, in a loving and gentle way. Her healing presence was strongly felt in this online format as was the loving and earnest energy of the other students. I feel much stronger in my practice. Thank you, Kathleen, for making this possible.

  2. Mary

    This class solidified my desire to practice reiki with animals. And, more importantly, it showed me how important Reiki is to me personally. This is a well constructed class, allowing plenty of time to practice and experience during the week and share during the online session. Kathleen’s presence shines through in the online class so there is no difference to being online with her instead of sitting in a barn next to her. Kathleen delivers the material in an inspiring and, yet practical, way. Bonding with the other classmates over the 8 weeks was and unexpected bonus! This class has changed the way I observe and interact in my daily life. Such a pleasure and joy to be in her class.

  3. Allison

    Kathleen’s expertise, knowledge, and beauty of being shines through the virtual pathways ! Her class is an exceptional experience with comprehensive teachings and delightful and inspiring interactions with classmates – The course provides an abundance and wealth of information and tools to begin the journey of offering Reiki to all species. Life changing and life affirming, I cannot recommend it highly enough !

  4. Tina Kim

    Prior to taking this course, I did not feel equipped to be able to enter a shelter in a way that I felt would serve the animals. I did not quite understand even what animal reiki meant though I did have practical experience with hands-on/distance reiki with humans which I learned was very different from animal reiki. At the end of this course, I felt like I was very well prepared to ‘be’ reiki in a shelter and be able to be of service to those there and in fact, I was able to conduct my first reiki session shortly after the course ended. Kathleen’s guidance was incredible and her knowledge and experience as well as those of others in the course truly was invaluable. As other students have indicated, there is ample time between each class to practice the exercises, learn more through the articles/videos/etc. provided, and meditations. What really excited me was the sharing of experiences that we had with the other students with Kathleen provided necessary guidance and support whenever we had any questions. I strongly recommend this course for those who have a real interest in doing animal reiki and sharing this healing practice with others but wanting a supportive environment to talk really about anything that came up. It was wonderful the interaction via Zoom too as we all feel like we got to know one another through this interface. So excited to continue this path in the years to come!

  5. Debora Poynter

    I am so grateful that Kathleen offered this class online because it’s the only way I was able to take it. I love that even though it is over, I can go back and listen to the recordings again and again. That for me is such a bonus because I get to re-experience the energy and animation of her teaching as well as the meditations. The classes are full of information, wisdom, sharing and support and Kathleen had so much practical advice for us as we shared our experiences and questions. I’m looking forward to taking the Level II class at some point.

  6. laura thomas

    I took this class as a refresher and it was amazing! Perfect for those new to Reiki and for practitioners/teachers who want a “back to the basics” refresher. The format promotes immersion in and contemplation of each concept and/or technique, which helped deepen my practice by bringing me back to the basics. Kathleen’s wisdom and teaching, as always, was life changing, energizing and inspirational. Learning from and becoming friends with other Reiki practitioners around the world is an added perk! I highly recommend this class to anyone new to Animal Reiki and seasoned practitioners looking for a refresher.

  7. Cherine

    I had the most rewarding experience with Kathleen and the reiki level 1 course. Her knowledge wisdom and professionalism is unsurpassed. The course has surpassed all my expectations! Thank you Kathleen for the amazing work you do. I look forward to
    continuing my journey with you.

  8. Pamela Hedrick

    I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to Kathleen for this class; it was truly a life-changing experience. Each week, she set a beautiful healing space in which we could explore the Let Animals Lead method, always encouraging us in what we had done and gently pressing us to do a bit more. I’ve been a teacher for thirty years, and she is one of the best teachers I have ever encountered. I look forward to continuing to learn from her and from all of my classmates.

  9. Jackie

    This was a wonderful class. I’m so thankful Kathleen offered it online because I would not have been able to take it otherwise. I’ve been following Kathleen and her teachings for sometime and I am so glad I took the plunge to join Reiki I. The support from Kathleen and my classmates was absolutely amazing. You can tell how incredibly passionate she is about the welfare of animals and sharing her message for LetAnimalsLead. I have been able to merge LetAnimalsLead into my daily life as a vet technician, as well as with my own animals. If you’re on the fence about joining, I strongly encourage you to jump in!

  10. Dan

    Kathleen is an absolute gem! I highly recommend that if you are at all curious or interested in practicing Reiki with animals that you gift yourself this course. It was an eye-opener and a heart-opener for me in so many ways and has helped me develop much better relationships with our pets as well as gaining awareness of Reiki and my daily interactions. It was a treat to share this journey with a wonderful group of like-minded classmates as we each developed our own individual Reiki practices together. The class more than complements the book, it amplifies it though active practice and the positive community that Kathleen has fostered over the years. I feel so fortunate to learn from Kathleen’s well-earned wealth of practical and practicable knowledge. What a treat! Thank you Kathleen for doing what you do and bringing your positive light to the world.

  11. Debbie

    Kathleen’s online Reiki 1 class has been the highlight of my week. Although I had taken previous Reiki courses with other teachers, I never felt the energy. This time I can really feel tingling in my hands. Kathleen really exemplifies the Reiki precepts in her interactions with others with her gentle, kind, compassionate nature and the loving, positive energy she exudes. It is easier for a shy person to share with classmates in this type of atmosphere. Taking this course and doing the meditations and homework have helped me to connect, reflect on, and understand the precepts, 6 pillars and Reiki code of ethics to help me become a good animal Reiki practitioner. This has helped me to let go of expectations during Reiki sessions and to experience the joy of letting animals be our partners, teachers and healers as we dwell on the sacredness of all life and realize we are all one.

  12. Indrani Das

    The Animal Reiki Level 1 with Kathleen is a must-attend for all animal lovers and Reiki practitioners. Though I had completed my Reiki Master training several years back, this course helped me view Reiki through the eyes of the animals. It taught me how important it is to let the animals take the lead and how to go about letting go of standard protocols and tune into what the animal wants vs. what I want. I also loved the meditation practices. They help me find my center and get into a Reiki space.

  13. Micaela

    This course was amazing. The way it was lead, throughout the 8 weeks, with tasks to complete and daily practices helped me absorb the learning experience and information in a way that was grounding and solidifying not only for my own practice and healing but for those around me. The more I practiced, the more clearer I got, the more I blossomed and my animals my pets noticed the positive change in my energy. My relationship not only with them but with other animals and humans around me have gotten better as well. This experience reminds me of the saying about, if you want peace in the world, start within. Reiki truly is doing that for me. Thank you Kathleen for your guidance and support! I will be a return student 🙂

  14. Julia Johnson

    The class was absolutely amazing. Kathleen has a gentle and compassionate way of teaching/guiding her students. Her love of animals shines through in her teachings of healing reiki energy. Her gentle way is contagious. Everyone in the class benefited from her loving ways. She is “sunshine in a tea cup”, and all of us “drank up” the sunshine she reflected on us. Thank you Kathleen! I am looking forward to Animal Reiki II.

  15. Jessica Walty

    I feel a deep appreciation for this course. The material was clear, organized and rich with insight. It was wonderful to learn the traditional Japanese teachings under the guidance of Kathleen’s progressive understanding of Animal Reiki. The weekly homework moved me through experiences with my animals that I’d never had before. The weekly Zoom calls were supportive and I learned so much from the experiences of the other students in the class. Thank you, Kathleen, for creating a Reiki method truly meant for animals. Your years of hard work and experience are a gift to others.

  16. Jade Lovelace

    I took the online course & I have to say I was not expecting to feel the energy or connection I did, but each week I felt myself and classmates really bloom into our own inner lights. I have seen such improvement in how much more playful and open my own animals are with me, and how much calmer I am myself. Five stars will be back for Level 2! Bet!

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