Online Webinar: Meeting with Your Spirit Animal and Symbol/Mantra 3 to Deepen Your Animal Reiki Connections


Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2023
Time: 4-5:15 PM Pacific time
Prerequisite: Reiki 2 certification or above, in any lineage.
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Meeting with Your Spirit Animal and Symbol/Mantra 3 to Deepen Your Animal Reiki Connections

PREREQUISITE: Level 2 + in any Reiki Lineage

In my years of working with Animal Reiki, I’ve had the amazing experience of having spirit animals come to guide me at times in my life when I needed them the most. The restorative insights and sense of well-being they’ve offered to me have deepened and transformed my understanding of what it means to heal.

Spirit animals have also opened my eyes to the unifying, compassionate energies available to us in our daily meditation practice. And, combining our Spirit Animal(s) with the third Reiki Symbol and Mantra, can result in energetic transformation and healing.

With this in mind, I’ve created this new class, the 3rd in a series, for Level 2 and up Reiki students (LAL® or Human Reiki training, all lineages welcome) to invite you to explore another layer of how animals can lead you in the journey of healing!

In this online webinar about spirit animals and Reiki symbol/mantra 3, you’ll:

  • review the origin, meaning and purpose for Reiki symbol and mantra 3.
  • understand the benefits for both humans and animals of practicing this symbol and mantra for:
    • personal growth and awareness of our connection to one another.
    • interspecies relationships and healing through Oneness.
    • peaceful possibilities and compassion for our world.
  • learn how both the animals around you and spirit animals can help you gain a deeper energetic understanding for manifesting the compassion of this symbol and mantra in the world.
  • learn a special meditation to meet your Spirit Animal who will guide you to get the most out of working with this symbol and mantra to support self-healing and the animals in your life.

Please join me on Tuesday, December 12th for this very special webinar. The third in our 3-part series! Can’t be there live? No worries, all participants will receive the recording!


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