2022 Practitioner and Teacher of Excellence Program


BE the change you want to see in this world, for animals!
This combination package includes both the 2022 Practitioner of Excellence and 2022 Teacher of Excellence professional development courses! By taking advantage of both of these special classes, you’ll not only save $, but also be able to meet twice a month in 2021 with Kathleen for teachings and inspiration, plus have the opportunity to ask questions and get ongoing guidance. 

For details of each program as well as prerequisites, click on the links below:

Practitioner of Excellence 2022

Teacher of Excellence 2022

This is the most supportive and inspiring online professional development program Kathleen has ever developed. The Let Animals Lead® method will not only strengthen your Reiki practice, but will also help you develop more compassion and loving kindness for others. Immerse yourself in the Let Animals Lead® method in 2022, so that you can BE compassion, love and light for yourself, for animals and for the world.

Now more than ever, the world needs more goodness, more love and more empowerment and respect for animals.


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