Reiki for Cats

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Finally, an online course tailor-made for Reiki practitioners who love cats!

Discover a new way of connecting with cats during Reiki sessions that will transform the responses you see from your feline friends.

You’ll practice shifting your state of mind in ways that can help even the most sensitive cats to connect. This class will help you create a Reiki space that any cat, even the most sensitive ones, will feel good about!

*This course is suitable for Reiki practitioners of all levels of training and experience.

*This product is part of the The Let Animals Lead® Method Species Package. Buy the package and save $143!

Course Goals:

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • use Reiki meditation to help support the healing process of cats.
  • be receptive to the sensitivities of cats in the Reiki space.
  • understand the nature and process of feline Reiki treatments.
  • use a gentle approach to Reiki that will create a healing space that even the shyest cat can trust.
  • practice each and every day to uncover the power of Reiki to help cats.


Intro:  Meet Kathleen and find out what you can hope to gain from this course. You’ll also receive the companion e-book, The Animal Reiki Source Guide to Reiki for Cats, which will help you follow along with the lessons.

Lesson 1: Find out what it means to share Reiki with cats, and the importance that daily practice, receptivity to healing and an open state of mind will have on your success.

Lesson 2: In this section, we’ll be reminded that healing goes both ways: Cats are healers in their own right, so it’s important to approach them in a respectful way.

Lesson 3: In this section, you’ll learn three reasons cats love Reiki, and how you can make it irresistible to them by being considerate of their sensitivities.

Lesson 4: Find out more about the nature and process of Reiki sessions and how they can heal your cat in many ways.

Lesson 5: Learn the best tips for building trust with any kitty client, no matter how sensitive or shy.

Lesson 6: This section will give practical tips for feline Reiki treatments, including how long to offer, how to use physical touch, typical responses you’ll see, and more.

The Reiki for Cats Meditation: Relax and connect with feline energy in this guided meditation, complete with soothing background music.

Conclusion: Kathleen will give you some final ideas for using the teachings in this course to get the most out of this next chapter in your cat Reiki journey!

What You’ll Receive:

  • Lifetime access to your course through our special online academy experience.
  • 8 short videos (approximately 1 hour total length)
  • a 13-minute guided meditation (available in video and audio formats)
  • a companion e-book to support your journey

*Note: This course is part of the The Let Animals Lead® Method Species Package. CLICK HERE to order the complete package for special savings, plus receive lifetime access to the Let Animals Lead® Method Audio Library.


  • To access your purchased course, you’ll need to log into your member area using the username and password that is automatically sent to you when you pay for the course. Simply use the “login” button on the homepage. Once logged in, you’ll receive access to all your purchased courses.
  • To make the best use of this course, you’ll need to be able to:
    • watch and listen to the video lessons and meditation online.
    • download the course e-book in pdf form.
    • download the audio-only version of the meditation in mp3 form.
    • be ready to open your mind and heart to cats as your teachers!*This product is part of the The Let Animals Lead® Method Species Package. Buy the package and save $143!

4 reviews for Reiki for Cats

  1. Annette

    Great information about Reiki for Cats. I have 6 feline friends at home and this course helps me to understand them better and to have better relationship with them. Thank you.

  2. Michelle Hancock

    A great course! It was very helpful to me in helping me deepen my connection more with working with cats! Very Very helpful !

  3. Rachel W

    Any information about Reiki for Cats is very welcome as there isn’t a lot out there. Kathleen’s course was very useful. It is both helpful for beginners and also as a recap for more experienced Reiki practitioners. The meditation is lovely and both myself and my cat enjoyed it. Wonderful photos from Brighthaven also and the ebook is invaluable. Thank you xxx

  4. Mary

    Very thorough coverage of topic. Excellent for beginners and also has wonderful insights for more experienced practitioners. Thank you for sharing your passion and expertise, Kathleen! Excellent course and I really appreciate the printable ebook for extra support.

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