Reiki For Dogs


Based on Kathleen Prasad’s beloved book, Reiki for Dogs, this course can help you realize a new level of contentment and well-being with your dog.

Kathleen’s voice will create a healing space for you to learn and grow, as she shares enlightening tips and tricks for getting started, step-by-step examples of Reiki healing and real-life case studies of dogs helped by Reiki.

She’ll also share the personal, often emotional stories behind the book, guide you through meditations and share in depth discussions and insights from the book.

The readings and meditations shared in each lesson will guide you on a simple yet profound journey of transforming your relationship with your best friend!

This course is suitable for all dog lovers and includes 1 downloadable PDF with all directions for completing the course as well as five hour-long audio lessons.

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Learn to get the most out of Reiki with the dogs in your life with this guided 5-lesson audio course.

Learn simple Reiki techniques to help you develop your canine magnetism.

Learn all the basics of how to share a Reiki meditation session to help support your dog’s healing, as well as what to expect as far as typical responses.

Learn how following the “5 Golden Rules” of Dog Reiki will create new possibilities for healing.

Learn how to become mindful of how healing goes two ways with our dogs: as we help our dogs heal through meditation, our dogs will teach us lessons in courage, kindness, trust, peace, compassion and hope.

Students are encouraged to take 10 full weeks to get the most out of this course, spending approximately two weeks practicing the meditations for each of the five lessons. For each lesson, students are required to read an assigned section of the book, Reiki for Dogs, as well as practice an assigned meditation with a dog(s). Students will also receive audios which include powerful guided meditations from each section of the book, as well as an in depth discussion of the most important topics covered. Participants are also invited to join Kathleen’s free monthly Animal Reiki Talk to share experiences and ask questions.

What You’ll Receive:

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Praise for Reiki for Dogs:

I really enjoyed the “Reiki for Dogs” class.  I am a Level 2 practitioner, but didn’t feel particularly confident about my practice and skills.  The course helped me develop direction and a plan for deepening my practice. Sharing the experiences of others helped me see the common paths of growth we are on, and encouraged  me to not just to ‘keep-at-it’ but to see the joy in the path and understand better how to work with some of the challenges and frustrations I have felt. The depth, sincerity and power of Kathleen’s practice comes through. Her incredible experience helped us to interpret and understand our own experiences, often turning what I found frustrating into a kernel of encouragement. – Linda E.

I cannot express to you how very fortunate I feel to have had this opportunity to learn from you and received your amazing guidance. I am truly grateful for this opportunity of studying animal reiki through you.  Thank you so much!  I think the absolute greatest gift I have taken from this experience is seeing and learning how to BE Reiki in my everyday life, not just for treatments/sessions. It truly has changed my outlook on life.  Thank you, from my whole heart:)  – Maria R.

I am thankful for ‘discovering’ Reiki and have incorporated it into my daily life personally and professionally, offering Reiki to the shelter dogs where I volunteer, and to my own animals.  I immediately joined SARA and look forward to further learning opportunities with Kathleen and Animal Reiki Source. – Karen H, CA


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