Reiki for Horses

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Based on Kathleen Prasad’s popular book, Heart To Heart With Horses,  this course will transform your connections with horses through equine-guided meditations and practical tips to empower your horse partners.

This course will guide you through 5 powerful lessons in sharing the gifts of peace and serenity with the horses you love through meditation. This course illuminates the powerful ways that compassionate presence can heal, and includes practical tips for the best responses from horses.

Open to all animal lovers, no Reiki experience is required, but Reiki practitioners of all levels welcomed!

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Learn stories behind the book, powerful heart-healing horse meditations and practical real-life tips and insights for successful connections with horses. Combining Reiki meditations and teachings with Kathleen’s unique Let Animals Lead® philosophy, each lesson will help you empower your horse to lead you on a profound journey of healing heart to heart!

Whether you are an experienced horse-person or an animal lover interested in learning more about the spiritual gifts, wisdom and essence of horses, this course is for you!

Each lesson focuses on a specific section of the book and its meditation practices. Participants are invited to join Kathleen’s free monthly Animal Reiki Talk to share experiences and ask questions.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Lifetime access to your course through our special online academy experience.

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  • All students will receive the beautiful full-color e-book of Heart To Heart With Horses: The Equine Lover’s Guide to Reiki by Kathleen Prasad. You may also choose to order a hard copy on Amazon. Use this book as you follow along with the lessons. Students will also receive five hour-long audio lessons and a pdf guide to the course.

2 reviews for Reiki for Horses

  1. Judy Yeager

    I loved this class and agree totally with the previous review. The homework and meditations were also enjoyed by my horses. I too often skim through books and don’t really absorb the information to be able to fully use it.

  2. Stuart Taylor

    It’s all to easy to read a book from cover to cover without adequately digesting the the information it contains. This audio course gives us the chance to slow down, study and engage with the material in Kathleen’s wonderful book Heart to Heart with Horses. Being talked through some of the meditations from the book is a pleasure, the highlight for me is the Spirit Horse meditation – very powerful.

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