Reiki III and Animal Reiki Teacher Training in CA

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*Due to the pandemic, this class has been postponed until October, 2021. Dates TBA.


Enrollment is limited to 10 spots! Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn Shinpiden from Kathleen on the West Coast and experience Animal Reiki integrated into a professional veterinary setting!

Dates: October 16-18th, 2020

Times: 9AM – 5PM each day

Location: The Sacramento Area:  This class will be held in two fabulous locations where Reiki is integrated into a full veterinary program: The Foothill Integrative Veterinary Service and Equestrian Center in Somerset, CA (Fri-Sat) and Foothill Farms Veterinary Hospital in Sacramento, CA (Sun.).

Prerequisites: Reiki 2 or 3 certification in any lineage. The Animal Reiki Workshop online class.

This special class will include a private tour of each facility and vegan lunches each day.

Learn how to truly live and be Reiki for animals in your life from the world leader in the Animal Reiki profession. Learn the most important ethics and practices to include when you teach the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki, levels 1, 2 and 3 from this method’s creator, Kathleen Prasad. Experience heart-to-heart connections with horses and small animals that will deepen and transform your Reiki practice!

This class is for Level II Practitioners interested in learning to teach Reiki and Animal Reiki classes, and Level III Practitioners and Teachers interested in deepening their Reiki knowledge with animals and/or teaching Animal Reiki.

Becoming a Shinpiden Level Practitioner is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your personal healing journey with the animals. This class is unique in its emphasis on traditional Japanese Reiki techniques integrated into Animal Reiki practice. Get ready to transform and heal with our farm animal teachers!

*Resitting students accepted on a limited basis for $600. Contact Kathleen for more information on availability.

25% donated to SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association).

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This class is limited to just 10 lucky students and includes:

  • Discussion and practice in the traditional Japanese techniques for Levels I, II and III and how to share them with animals using the Let Animals Lead® method
  • Learning the 4th Symbol and Mantra (as well as review of the first 3 Symbols and Mantra) and how to use them with animals
  • The Reiki Master Initiation/Reiju
  • Instruction and Practice in how to perform Reiju
  • How to share Reiki ethically and for the best success with animals
  • Discussion of the Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics and its importance to your work as an Animal Reiki Master Teacher
  • Instruction on creating successful lesson plans for your students
  • Professional Certificate of Completion
  • A private tour of each location
  • Delicious vegan lunches, served on-site each day

Special Perks of Kathleen’s Reiki 3 Class:

Learning about Animal Reiki in a veterinary setting:

Your tuition fee also includes a guided tour of each location by an Animal Reiki trained veterinarian! This is a unique and inspiring opportunity to see the way two veterinary businesses (both large and small animal) integrate Animal Reiki seamlessly into their healing programs!

Animal-friendly food: 

During your stay, vegan lunches will be served on-site on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and are included in your tuition.

 A special Reiki lineage: Graduates of this class are certified as Shinpiden Animal Reiki Level 3 Practitioners and Teachers in the Let Animals Lead® method.

 An ethical approach: You won’t find our methods anywhere else! Our unique Let Animals Lead® method with animals is gentle and based in meditation, where animals always lead. You’ll learn to focus inward on your own state of heart and mind, rather than focusing on what’s “wrong” with the animal and then “sending” Reiki mentally to problems.

 A professional and extensive curriculum to use: All graduates have permission to use Animal Reiki Source manuals to teach Levels 1-3 Reiki/Animal Reiki in person. You will not find Animal Reiki manuals of this high caliber anywhere else!

 An invitation to become a SARA Teacher: Graduates of this special program are also invited to join SARA at the Teacher level. SARA is a one-of-a-kind charitable organization with hundreds of members around the world. You’ll be able to join this amazing community of animal lovers at the highest level of Teacher!

About The Maleks and Foothill Farms

Dr. Marc Malek is the owner/creator of both facilities and Reiki integrated programs where we will be learning. Known as Dr. Doolittle by many clients, Dr. Malek lives his dream everyday helping the animals he loves and the people who love them. He graduated from U.C. Davis with a B.S. in Environmental Toxicology in 1986 and in 1990 from the School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. M has become an accomplished surgeon and internist having worked in solo and group practice for over 26 years. Over the last 5 years Dr. M has dedicated much of his continuing education to Integrative practice. Therapeutic laser treatment has been a staple at FFVH since 2011 due to Dr. Malek’s early adoption of this rapid physical medicine healing therapy. He received his Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (large and small animal) certification in April 2014 from Colorado Veterinary Medicine Association’s OneHealth SIM Acupuncture course. He and many of the staff have been learning and practicing Animal Reiki since 2012 and he received his level III Animal Reiki instructor certification from Kathleen Prasad in June of 2014. 

Shelley Malek CMA, AS, CRP
Co-Owner and Hospital Director / Level III Reiki practitioner and instructor 

Shelley Malek began her career in human medicine working as a medical assistant for Sutter Medical Foundation and UC Davis medical centers. Several years of assisting Physicians, Surgeons and Nurse Practitioners cleared the path to higher education. Shelley soon found herself teaching and directing medical programs, developing curriculum and delivering the principles of healing modalities to both students and teachers at colleges specializing in medical education. Not long after meeting Dr. Malek in 2011, Shelley was invited to become the Hospital Director at Foothill Farms Veterinary Hospital. With her experience in program administration and human resources Shelley has provided the needed oversight and vision for this growing practice. Realizing the potential benefits of combining traditional Western Medicine with Holistic methodologies; she began her energy healing education and along with Dr. Malek has become a level III Certified Human and Animal Reiki Practitioner and instructor.

Travel Suggestions

The nearest airport is the Sacramento International Airport. The 2 class locations are about 1 hour apart from each other. Since the first 2 days are located in Somerset, we recommend staying in nearby Plymouth, where there are several places to eat and stay. The last day will be in Sacramento, which will be more convenient for anyone flying out from that airport.

2 reviews for Reiki III and Animal Reiki Teacher Training in CA

  1. Kelly Kiss

    Taking my Shinpiden and Animal Reiki Teacher training with Kathleen was a dream come true. I am so grateful for this experience and learning from such a gifted teacher. Kathleen embodies reiki energy and is truly an inspiration in her work and as a person. I cannot recommend this class enough. We spent our first two days on a beautiful ranch working with horses, and our final day in a veterinary clinic working with cats and dogs. This experience has deepened my personal practice as a reiki practitioner and teacher, and also deepened my deepened my understanding of animals as spiritual teachers and healers. Thank you so much Kathleen for shining your light and being a leader in this beautiful practice!

  2. Gwen Stamm

    I am so grateful that I was able to attend Kathleen’s “Reiki III and Animal Reiki Teacher Training” course. Kathleen has spent many years perfecting Reiki practices/methods specifically for animals and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. The 3 days were filled with amazing experiences with animals along with learning how to grow your Reiki practice for yourself and the animals you wish to serve. Though I had read many of Kathleen’s books, and loved them, this class was the icing on the cake. Thank you Kathleen!!!

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