Reiki Symbols and Mantras: Meanings and Meditations for Animals


Tuesday Nov. 24, 2020
6-7:15PM Pacific time
Prerequisite: Training in Reiki 2 or above (any lineage). 
Interested in taking your practice with Reiki symbols and mantras to the next level?
Wondering how you can use Reiki symbols and mantras without creating discomfort or resistance in your animals? 
In this special Zoom class, you’ll learn how to approach animals with Reiki symbols and mantras so that you can transcend and transform stress and discomfort in any situation. Harness the power of peaceful presence for your animals’ well being through the special meditations Kathleen will teach you!

When used correctly, Reiki symbols and mantras are powerful tools to open doors to new levels of healing and relationships with your animals.

If you’ve noticed animals aren’t comfortable when you use Reiki symbols and mantras, or if you’re interested in going deeper in your practice with them, this class is for you!

Kathleen will review the meanings and explain the special significance of the Reiki symbols and mantras in Animal Reiki practice. She’ll also explain the most gentle and respectful approach to use when working with animals. You’ll also learn a unique practice for each symbol and mantra that your animals will love!

Can’t be there live? No worries, all participants will receive an mp4 recording of the class.


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