The Let Animals Lead® Method Healing Support Package


  • Support yourself and your animals with a collection of our most healing guided meditations, along with an in-depth audio course giving practical tools for improving our lives NOW through meditation and with the presence of our animals.
  • Includes twelve guided meditations, a healing chant and five hours of audio lessons.

Through meditating with our animals, we can see with the heart. When we do, we will remember that our essence is the light of the universe. This light is always perfect and bright, no matter what struggles we face. In meditating together, we can create infinite healing possibility and support each other, hand in paw, through this healing journey.

This package includes the following courses (CLICK on the titles below for details):

The Medicine Buddha Chant

Kathleen has created this profoundly moving and sacred chant to support the healing of people and their animals. Chant along, or listen and soak up the healing!

Created to support the healing of people and their animals. Sit with your animals and listen together, or chant along to create a powerful healing space of peace, love and compassion.

You’ll receive a 24-minute audio of this healing chant along with accompanying background information if you’d like to chant along.

The Animal Healing Meditations

Kathleen has created these meditations especially for you and your animals. The meditations will help you to tune into and connect energetically with your animals, with the natural world around you and with that deep inner space of peace and strength within yourself. It is this inner peace and strength that you can draw upon when you or your animal is facing any kind of healing challenge—be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

These meditations come from Kathleen’s book Reiki for Dogs, published in 2012 by Ulysses Press– slightly adapted for this audio to be used with animals of any species.

I hope that practicing the exercises in this audio will help you to remember your beautiful and powerful inner nature. For each of these meditations, please set aside 20 minutes to be with your animal in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Note: these meditations do not include background music to allow for a more peaceful, open experience.

You’ll receive six 20-minute meditations audios.

The Hara and Precepts Meditation

Sit with your animals indoors, or stand with them outside while Kathleen guides you through the traditional Reiki practices of hara breathing and reciting the precepts. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to tune into the spiritual lessons your animals are teaching you! With your animals and Reiki to guide you, you can create a powerful healing space of peace, love and compassion each and every day.

You’ll receive a 30-minute audio meditation to guide you.

The Heal Yourself, Heal Your Animals Audio Series

Animal lovers: get ready to experience the benefits of meditation for you AND for your animals with 5 hours of inspiring audio!

Join Kathleen Prasad for five audio classes as we explore the ways that animals help us to heal ourselves, how when we do so we are more able to support animals’ self-healing, and how this interspecies connection of healing helps to strengthen peace, courage, joy and compassion in our lives.

In each of the five classes, Kathleen will discuss easy ways we can improve our lives NOW through meditation AND with the help of the animals around us. Participants are invited to join Kathleen’s free monthly Animal Reiki Talk to share and ask questions.

This course includes five class topics:

  • Healing Illness with the Help of Animals and Meditation
  • Letting Go of Anger with the Help of Your Animals (Finding Peace)
  • Letting Go of Worry with the Help of Your Animals (Finding Courage)
  • Letting Go of Ego with the Help of Your Animals (Finding Joy)
  • Letting Go of Separateness with the Help of Your Animals (Finding Compassion)

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BONUS: Purchase this package and receive lifetime access to the Let Animals Lead® Library, an extensive collection of over 35 of Kathleen’s audio teachings and meditations on a wide variety of topics.


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