The Let Animals Lead® Method Professional Practice Package


  • Learn easy ways to involve animal’s people in sessions, including tips for guiding meditations to have the greatest impact.
  • Get the gold standard of “best-practice” through guided Reiki meditations and tips for ethically troubleshooting tough situations. 
  • Learn ways to connect with vets.
  • Receive suggestions for ethical Animal Reiki demonstrations.
  • Includes seven guided meditations, two hours of video and six hours of audio lessons.

Each lesson will come to life through inspiring guided Animal Reiki meditations, that will help you directly experience the energetic essence of the teachings.

Click below to hear a selected teaching about the Reiki precept “practice diligently,” from the “Animal Reiki Ethics Audio Course.”

This package includes the following courses (CLICK on the titles below for details):

Best Practice Guidelines for the Professional Animal Reiki Practitioner

This class will highlight the most important things every Animal Reiki Practitioner must remember in order to have a successful connection with the animals. We’ll also explore easy ways we can get human caregivers involved in the animal Reiki session. We’ll not only talk about ways to practice Reiki within our own circle of humans and animals, we’ll also explore the best practices professional practitioners should use when visiting homes and barns.

You’ll learn a special meditation to support the human/animal Reiki connection too!

Whether you are a Reiki practitioner looking to deepen healing relationships within your human/animal family, or a professional Reiki person looking to incorporate animals and their people ethically into your practice, this course is for you!

Students will also receive a special and informative e-book to support their practice: “Including Human Caregivers in the Animal Reiki Treatment.”

The Animal Reiki Ethics Audio Course

This audio course is based on Kathleen’s important and well-loved book on ethics for sharing Reiki with animals, Healing Virtues. The Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics isn’t just meant to be hung on a wall! Learn how by incorporating these ethics into your daily life, you can make your heart’s calling (helping animals with Reiki) thrive.

Through 5 lessons of inspiring audio, Kathleen will share wisdom gained from twenty years of animal Reiki practice that will help you take your personal and professional Animal Reiki practice to the next level:

  • Heal yourself by incorporating these ethics into your daily life, your professional practice and your world!
  • Gain confidence and in your approach with animals, and see even better responses from them!
  • Build your courage to reach out and forge new relationships with animal caregivers, animal-care professionals and community organizations.

Students will receive an e-book copy of Healing Virtues, 5 downloadable audio lessons, a beautiful pdf graphic of the Code of Ethics and directions on how to complete the course and receive optional Code of Ethics certification.

How to Guide a Meditation Using the Let Animals Lead® Method

Guiding an Animal Reiki meditation isn’t only about the words you use. It’s also about the healing space you create through an open mind and heart. In this class, Kathleen will share tips to help you have the greatest impact on supporting the health of animals and their people. She’ll guide you through two simple yet powerful meditations that follow her unique Let Animals Lead® method. This special method is based on the principle of healing shared through compassionate presence and suitable for all species of animals, no matter their backgrounds. Using these meditations will also help create a greater level of awareness of animal wisdom. By sharing these healing meditations with others, you’ll be able to create a powerful healing ripple into the world, supporting not only animals but also the people who love them!

You’ll receive:

  • One 1-hour teaching session via webinar, recorded in both video and audio formats.
  • Transcripts of both meditations practiced in the course to practice with your own clients and students.
The Future of Animal Reiki

If you want to help create a thriving future for Animal Reiki in the world, this class is for you!

What is the future direction of the profession of Animal Reiki, including Reiki for rescued animals? Kathleen also gives an insightful overview of what Animal Reiki is, and how best to communicate it to others with clarity and compassion. She also gives important ethical guidelines to protect and cultivate a strong future for Animal Reiki.

What is at the heart of Animal Reiki? Why do we define the practice as meditation, rather than hands-on healing? What are the most important things to include in Animal Reiki sessions?


  • Tips for creating a positive Reiki experience for animals.
  • Training our state of mind.
  • Touching with the heart.

Kathleen also discusses the best ways to support the community with Animal Reiki.


  • Top tips for connecting with vets and other animal caregivers.
  • Suggestions for ethical Animal Reiki demonstrations.

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BONUS: Purchase this package and receive lifetime access to the Let Animals Lead® Library, an extensive collection of over 35 of Kathleen’s audio teachings and meditations on a wide variety of topics.


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