The Power of Japanese Techniques in Animal Reiki

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021
6-7:15PM Pacific time

Join Kathleen and discover why the Let Animals Lead® method is so powerful and effective for animals. 

Learn the sacred foundations of this method that will help you honor animals as healers and teachers. 

In this special 75-minute class, Kathleen will help you refresh and renew your Animal Reiki practice through the lens of our Japanese foundations!

She’ll explain how certain techniques we use in Animal Reiki connect to the original Japanese spiritual heritage of our practice, and why it’s so important to carry on these practices. She’ll also share insights she received from her own personal pilgrimage to sacred Reiki sites in Japan.

In this Zoom class, you’ll learn the Japanese origins of Animal Reiki practice. Practicing these original teachings of Reiki’s founder, Mikao Usui, will deepen gratitude, compassion and connections with the animals in your life!

You’ll also learn how the word “Reiki” and the 4 Reiki mantras tie into the Japanese spiritual foundations of our practice, and how these historical Japanese teachings can bring new insights into our present-day connections with animals

What you’ll learn and practice through special animal-centric, guided meditations:

  • The precepts in original Japanese, along with their direct translation in English
  • Specific Japanese Reiki meditation practices (such as gassho, joshin kokyu ho and seishin toitsu), what they mean and how (and why) to incorporate them into your meditations with animals

Can’t be there live? No worries, all participants will receive an mp4 recording of the class.

4 reviews for The Power of Japanese Techniques in Animal Reiki

  1. Sherry Morgado

    Once again, as in all her classes, Kathleen shares her profound understanding of the true heart of Reiki, which she has so skillfully translated into a system for sharing Reiki with animals in a way that is effective and respectful. For any practitioner of the Let Animals Lead method, this class will help you understand the Japanese cultural foundations of Reiki, which leads to an appreciation of the deeper meaning of the techniques we use, and how all of those techniques really point us inside of ourselves, not to something outside of us. It is this inner work that leads to our own healing, so that we can hold healing space for animals. This is an insightful and needed class, and is highly recommended.

  2. Deanna Sava

    This class was exactly how Kathleen described it. She shared the journey she took to Japan in 2019 and I enjoyed reliving it with her. I’ve never been to Japan so it was wonderful to see a hear about and see photos of a couple of the different areas, Usui Mikao’s Memorial, the top of Mt. Kurama, and other sites. Kathleen did a great job of tying Eastern traditions to the practices we use in the LAL Method of Animal Reiki, which gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of how powerful the Reiki space is that I share with shelter animals, and the importance of the concept “we’re not doing something to the animals, we’re being with them.” We chanted the precepts in Japanese and meditated together. It was not just a great class… it was a wonderful experience.

  3. Elizabeth Maginnis

    Kathleen’s classes never disappoint. I admire the depth of her understanding of the spiritual and cultural foundations of Reiki. I was initially trained in Western style Reiki, but I found over time that I needed a more spiritual approach to my practice. Kathleen’s Let Animals Lead method of Animal Reiki has opened me up to the true heart of Reiki, my true heart. This class, delivered in Kathleen’s exquisite and elegant style, provides important cultural context and background into what Reiki was intended to be. I highly recommend it to any serious student of Reiki.

  4. Iris Listberger

    I truly enjoyed this class, the sharing of Kathleen’s journey to Japan, and the meditation offered during class. I am just at the beginning of my journey with this practice and am looking forward to learn, experience, and share.

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