Transcendence Through Compassion


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Want to connect and bond with animals in deeper ways than you ever thought possible? 
Compassion is the highest purpose of our relationship with animals and also is our spiritual essence. When we cultivate it, we often feel like we’re “coming home” to our true self. In order to fully embody compassion on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, there are some limiting beliefs and perceptions that we need to transcend. When we do, an incredible healing occurs and we’ll experience renewed relationships with animals!
In the Let Animals Lead® method, there are many levels of transcendence we can experience through our Animal Reiki meditation practice, but this course focuses on three:
  • Transcendence of illness, injury and disease.
  • Transcendence of species.
  • Transcendence of time and space.
This class will guide you in practices to begin to experience all three and is open to all animal lovers!

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*Note: This course is part of the The Animal Reiki Change Makers’ Package. CLICK HERE to order the complete package for special savings, plus receive lifetime access to the Let Animals Lead® Method Audio Library.


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This class will teach you specific practices in the Let Animals Lead® method to help you:

  • Cultivate transcendence of illness, injury and disease so you can be calmer and more fully present for the animals you love.
  • Experience transcendence of species so you can deepen your bond with all living beings.
  • Plus: You’ll learn a guided meditation to help you connect with animals no matter how far away they are!


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