Visionary Animal Reiki


Tuesday Sept. 29

6-7:15 PM Pacific time

Feeling pandemic fatigue, a bit disconnected and down?

Ready for new inspiration to harness your inner creativity and wisdom to help animals?

If you’re ready to take an inner journey from distraction, fear and stress to peace, love and light, this live Zoom course is for you! Become an Animal Reiki Visionary by learning the 7 Steps to Seeing the World with Reiki Eyes. Seeing through this visionary lens will transform your life with the animals you love.

Can’t be there live? All students will receive an MP4 video recording of the class. 

When faced with a difficult health situation or stressful environment, how do you as an Animal Reiki practitioner, envision the possibilities and your role in the healing process? How can you be a visionary in tough times such as these? We’ll explore how to create a transformative lens through which to see the world, and then communicate that energetically to those around you.

In this class, you’ll learn 7 Steps to Seeing the World with Reiki Eyes. These steps will take you from the beginning stage of being a stressed, distracted mind, all the way through to becoming a shining embodiment of perfect light to support others. You’ll learn Animal Reiki tips and techniques for visionary healing  as you take each step of the journey.

With this special class, you’ll see the animals you love, your relationship to the world and future possibilities through fresh, new and positive eyes!

Note: This class will be offered live through Zoom, and all participants will receive the MP4 video recording after the course. 


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