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This summer, get certified online in the most ethical and professional Animal Reiki method in the world, and learn to Let Animals Lead® you every step of the way!

Start at the beginning with Level 1. This level is for beginners to Reiki and also any human Reiki practitioner looking to build a solid foundation in connections with animals that are completely noninvasive and gentle and give room for an animal’s agency and wisdom to guide the process.

CLICK HERE for the Level 1 Online AM Session.

CLICK HERE for the Level 1 Online PM Session.

Continue the journey with Level 2. This level has more esoteric techniques including how to use the three Reiki symbols and mantras with animals, distant animal healing and how to strengthen and fortify your energy to be able to be the peace in every situation, no matter how challenging.

CLICK HERE for the Level 2 Online AM Session.

CLICK HERE for the Level 2 Online PM Session.

Dive deep into your spiritual journey (and learn how to teach this method!) with Level 3. This level helps you learn how to truly embody your Animal Reiki practice by being the healing space of Reiki with animals, shining the light of compassion in all you do for them, and remembering to always see the perfection, even when times are tough. You’ll also make a huge impact of loving-kindness in the world by passing these teachings onto others!

CLICK HERE for the Level 3 Online AM Session.

CLICK HERE for the Level 3 Online PM Session.

Finally: Our Weekly Q and A Video:

Finally, for this week’s question, I explain how animals can help us to transform our energy by shifting back into gratitude.

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Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way,

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