Animal Reiki Source Newsletter: Summer 2012

By Betsy Groller

Animals have always been a part of my life.  As a little girl they were my friends and confidantes during happy times and sad times.  Animals were always there for me giving me love and compassion at times I needed it most.
As an adult my love for animals continued and began to open new doors for me.  My interest in working with animal rescues increased and my personal pet population grew quite quickly.  I now look back and realize that these connections I made with these animals were part of a bigger plan for my life’s work. 


When I learned Reiki there was a lot of personal healing but I still always found a connection with animals through Reiki.  So it seemed a natural path for me to offer Reiki to my own animals as well as to expanding my practice to “4 Paw” clients.  What I did not anticipate is how Reiki would open a door for me on another level that would allow me to help animals that had become lost from their owners.

In January 2011, I was contacted by a dear friend about a missing Husky.  Without giving it another thought I began offering Reiki to the missing dog, her family and those searching for her.  What began to unfold for me was that I had a gift that allowed me to see things that related to where the animal was located.  I worked with the owner and volunteers searching for Katy, the missing Husky.  Katy was finally found in a location where I had been guided to however unfortunately she had been hit intentionally by another person.

All of our hearts sank the day we received the news.  I was beyond devastated because I had connected with this beautiful creature through Reiki.  I felt Reiki had connected our hearts and that is why I was able to be guided on her journey.  Her journey did not end the way any of us expected.  But I realized this amazing animal had touched my life to show me that I could help others using Reiki and using the gift that Reiki had opened for me.

I never expected the lost animal work to increase but apparently that is part of my journey.  I am often amazed at how Reiki has guided me to particular clients.  Often there is some lesson each of us is to learn and it is the animal and Reiki teaching us along the way.  It is easy at times to focus too much on the intuition part and forget to simply offer Reiki and be present with it to truly assist the animal.  I was reminded of this when I worked with an amazing dog named Sara and her owner.  Her full story is on my website ( but the main lesson I learned was that Reiki should always be a foundation for any lost animal work I do.  Sara had been running for weeks and had been in two separate car accidents during that time.  No matter how hard they tried, her owner and many dedicated volunteers could never get ahead of her.  Finally I talked to the owner and we agreed I would dedicate my time by specifically offering Reiki and not worrying about trying to locate her or what intuitive impressions came through.  I believed that Sara needed Reiki more than ever to heal her emotional scars that she had acquired on her journey.  I trusted that Reiki could reach her and help bring her peace.  Two days later, her owner called me with tears of joy telling me Sara was found by a good Samaritan in an area searched many times laying out in the open almost asleep.  I knew Reiki had made the difference in those final days that Reiki had calmed her enough to finally allow herself to be found.

There have been many other amazing animals and owners I have worked with and I am grateful for each one as they have taught me how to be a better practitioner.  Reiki has healed me in so many ways and opened so many doors in my life that I am grateful each day for it.  It has allowed me to touch lives of animals and their human companions in ways I would have never expected.  Incorporating Reiki into the lost animal work has truly proven to be a connection of the heart. 

If you would like to learn more about Reiki or need more information on lost pet services, please contact Betsy Groller at [email protected] or visit her website at

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