What is the best way to share Reiki with those who have passed?

Reiki is a beautiful way to connect with animals, those here and those in spirit. Remember, when we offer Reiki to animals who have passed, it’s not really that we’re trying to reach across to the other side. It’s just that we remember that we’re all One in our hearts, and Reiki is really speaking that language of the heart. In these meditations that you share with your animals, it doesn’t really affect the meditation whether they are here, or if they have passed, because that connection will always be there, forever. I think it’s very appropriate to use a photo if you like. Just keep in your mind the animals and people that are close to your heart.

I think also we often have a lot of regret about things when our loved ones pass. When we offer Reiki to these situations, it’s really about healing our own regret that we have right now in this moment. The animals, I’ve found, they are just so unconditional in their love. They are not holding any grudges, but it’s our own compassion that we need to show to ourselves that is so important. That leads us to the Reiki precept, “Be compassionate to yourself and others.” Sometimes showing compassion for others is easier than doing so for ourselves. Offering healing to animals and people who have passed is also an exercise in offering compassion to ourselves and healing our own grief, our own loss, our own regrets in this very moment. When we do that, we can actually connect more easily with them from our hearts, because our hearts open up much more widely.

I invite you all to enjoy connecting through Reiki with your animals, the ones who are here, and also the ones who have passed. There is so much healing that can be done with Reiki.

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