Animal Reiki Source Newsletter: January, February, March 2012

By Amy Pikalek

What started out as one of the more traumatic events in my recent life, thanks to Reiki, ended up being one of the most positive and influential in my life today. It has, without a doubt, influenced where I am as an animal Reiki practitioner currently.

Reiki for Jesse by Amy PikalekThis story is about Jesse, in most appearances, an ordinary 13-year-old tabby cat. Jesse came to live with my husband and I in the spring of 2009, when my sister and her family were to be stationed overseas. They believed, rightly so, that the six month quarantine period would be too stressful on Jesse. So, my husband and I agreed to be ‘foster parents’ for the two years my sister and her family were going to be gone.

Reiki assisted us immediately with the transition. I have a dog at home who posed no threat to Jesse. But one of my two cats, nicknamed ‘Princess’ for obvious reasons, wasn’t likely to welcome him openly. I used Reiki to create a welcoming environment for Jesse, and the transition went smoothly. Even to this day, my sister and husband reflect back on it and say “It was amazing how easy that was. You were the only one who believed it would be so.” I simply tell them that I “intended for it be so, and so it was.”

Our household was very peaceful and happy for nearly a year. Jesse was loving and happy, getting along well with the other members of the household. But in February of 2010, things took a dramatic turn. Jesse suddenly developed a noticeable limp. When it got worse over the coming week, we took him to the vet and got horrible news: he had a devastating, fast acting rare form of bone cancer. The vet gave him one to six months to live. Due to Jesse’s age, we ruled out amputation or other drastic medical measures. Our only option was to treat him for pain and keep him comfortable. We were sent home with a variety of pills and ointments.

As a young Reiki practitioner, this was my first experience with a terminal diagnosis. I struggled with why I couldn’t ‘fix’ this. Jesse and I had shared Reiki before. Why had the cancer developed? I knew it was genetic; his kitty brother had died of cancer the previous year. The rational side of my brain understood this logic, but my heart was in agony. What’s worse, Jesse hated taking the pain pills. We would fight every night. It was a struggle to shove them down his throat. He would see me coming and try to run away, as the tumor on his leg grew larger and larger.

The experience would leave me sobbing. I would sit outside the door crying, with my head in my hands, thinking, “This isn’t working. I can’t do this. And he’s going to die resenting me.”

I had never felt more desperate in my life. And it was then that I remembered what Reiki really is all about: the emotional, psychological and spiritual as much as the physical. I was forgetting so many critical lessons. Jesse was still moving well (running even) and eating well on many days. He wasn’t giving up! Why was I? Though I couldn’t reverse the tumor eating away at his leg, we could heal our relationship.

I immediately contacted our vet and got a better pain medication that suited our situation more appropriately– a liquid in syringes that he accepted much more willingly and didn’t need to be given as frequently.

Then, I returned to what I knew best: Reiki. For a few minutes a day, I would sit on the floor next to Jesse and offer Reiki. Soon, within a day or two, he would crawl on my lap and ‘ask for his Reiki.’ The results were amazing! I felt our energy soar: his and mine! Our bond was reconnected and even surpassed where it was previously. Anxiety and fear, on his part and mine, was gone. I often heard him say “thank you” as he went to sleep at night, once again snuggled next to me.

Jesse died about two months later, both of us free of fear, anxiety and pain. Reiki did this for us in a time of trauma. While it cannot take away the sadness surrounding the death of a loved one, it can do so many positive things during an illness. I’m grateful to Jesse for the experience we were able to share and the loving bond that grew between us during what could have been a time of desperation and despair. It has proven to be one of the most amazing lessons I’ve shared to date with one of my animal friends. I hope it can help you, too.

About the Author: Amy is a Master level certified in Reiki in 2008, Usui Shiki Ryoho, and certified in Animal Reiki from Animal Reiki Source in 2010. She offers animal Reiki in the Madison area of Wisconsin. Please visit her website at

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