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Vets on Animal Reiki: The Power of Animal Reiki Healing in Veterinary Practice

This groundbreaking book explores how Animal Reiki helps support veterinarians in their quest to heal their animal patients. Who better to bridge the gap between Animal Reiki and scientific understanding than highly trained and experienced veterinarians? The personal and powerful testimonials of the vets included in this book will inspire you to incorporate Animal Reiki into an animal’s treatment plan. As the variety of perspectives in this book demonstrates, Animal Reiki can provide an ethical and seamless way to incorporate holistic support without interfering with traditional protocols. Thus, having ethically trained Animal Reiki practitioners offering Reiki to patients is a valuable asset for any veterinarian’s practice.


The Let Animals Lead® 21-Day Meditation Challenge: Heal Your Life with the Help of Animals

Do you love connecting with animals? Did you know they can help you heal your life? Get ready to discover the untapped potential that animals can awaken within you, and to open your heart and mind to loving-kindness, extraordinary bliss, and the balanced life of your dreams!


Healing Virtues: Transforming Your Practice Through the Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics

Kathleen’s latest book is an insightful guide to unlocking the healing power of the heart. Real-life stories, inspiring case studies and simple Reiki meditative exercises show how easy it is to share the gift of true healing with the horses you love.


Heart To Heart With Horses: The Equine Lover's Guide to Reiki

Heart to Heart with Horses

Kathleen’s latest book is an insightful guide to unlocking the healing power of the heart. Real-life stories, inspiring case studies and simple Reiki meditative exercises show how easy it is to share the gift of true healing with the horses you love.


5 Powerful Meditations to Help Heal Your Animals

Harness the healing power of meditation to help your animals! The author’s many years of experience as an animal Reiki meditation teacher provide the foundational teachings for 5 Powerful Meditations to Help Heal Your Animals. This booklet shares five transformational meditations that animal lovers can use to help shift situations, even the most stressful ones, into peaceful, compassionate and loving moments. Because our animals are so sensitive to our emotional states, it is essential to their well-being (not to mention our own) that we practice balance and peace through meditation. Through the peace, compassion and love that meditation brings, we will find true healing.


Everything Animal Reiki

Learn how to heal yourself and your animals with Reiki meditation. Reiki is a system of spiritual practice which uses meditation and compassion as keys to unlock healing potential. Sharing meditation with animals can help guide us toward being better people and creating a healthier planet, one where people nurture wellness through the practice of peace and a life of joyful service to others. Considered by many to be the world’s premier animal Reiki expert, author Kathleen Prasad shares over thirty of her favorite meditations in this special book. Everything Animal Reiki will guide readers with: an introduction to the system of Reiki as a meditative practice, how to meditate with animals and their people, grounding meditations, expansion meditations, connection meditations, affirmation meditations and helpful articles illuminating different aspects of animal Reiki practice.


How To Help Animals With Reiki

Learn to be the best animal Reiki practitioner you can be! This book will encourage you to practice listening to animals as your spiritual teachers to help you reconnect with your inner heart for healing. Based on the author’s many years of experience sharing Reiki with animals, How to Help Animals with Reiki includes numerous guidelines and tips for treatments, information about how animals teach us about healing, why an open state of mind is so important when we approach animals with Reiki, and how to use things like patience, positivity, intuition and physical touch to help put animals at ease for optimum responses.



Reiki for Dogs

Using the most gentle and natural treatment possible, Reiki for Dogs can help you realize a new level of well-being for your dog. This powerful book provides everything necessary to help your dog through times of discomfort and to deepen your bond with the canine companions in your life.



The Animal Reiki Handbook – Finding Your Way With Reiki in Your Local Shelter, Sanctuary or Rescue

Filled with practical tips and expert advice, this book will help give you the confidence you need to help the animals who need it most! Animal Reiki Teacher Kathleen Prasad has written the first eight chapters, with additional author contributions from SARA shelter staff members, SARA Reiki practitioners and a veterinarian. The book includes an introduction to the organization, mission and code of ethics of SARA, the Shelter Animal Reiki Association. Also covered is an introduction to animal Reiki, guidelines for working within shelters, considerations for treating in a variety of environments, and a list of activities to “get started.” The last part of the book has been provided by other SARA members and includes animal Reiki cartoon art, practical considerations for Reiki treatments of fearful cats and dogs and a Q and A section. If you are a Reiki practitioner hoping to reach out to a shelter, sanctuary or rescue organization in your area, this book is for you!


animal reiki tails vol 3

Animal Reiki Tails Volume 3

This represents the third volume in a series of real-life animal Reiki stories. Stories show how energy healing can support health and wellness of a variety of species, such as horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and more. Contributing authors are Reiki practitioners from around the world who work with animals and energy healing.


Animal Reiki Tails vol 2

Animal Reiki Tails Volume 2

This collection of animal Reiki stories includes inspiring real examples of how Reiki can support the health and wellness of a variety of species. Contributing authors are Reiki practitioners from around the world who work with animals.

tails from the source vol 1

Tails from the Source: The Animal Reiki Source Newsletter Collection, Volume I

This collection is a set of stories of animals and the transformational power of Reiki, a Japanese system of energy healing. Originally published in the Animal Reiki Source Newsletter, contributing authors are Reiki practitioners from all over the world. Their Reiki experiences with all kinds of species can be found in this Volume, from wild animals to horses, dogs, cats and even Guinea pigs.

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life

Whether you’re a newcomer to the field of energy medicine, an experienced practitioner or an animal lover committed to learning everything you can about your companion’s health, Animal Reiki will open your eyes to a new level of healing and well-being. From dogs and cats to horses and birds, this book is everything you need to understand and appreciate the power of Reiki to heal and deepen the bond with the animals in your life.

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