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Godiva passed away in July 2006, while in my sister’s arms. I was honored to be able to be present to offer Reiki to both my sister and Godiva during this difficult time. Although a tiny physical being, Godiva has always been a gigantic spirit, and we will miss her so very much! I honor her kindness in being a Reiki guide to new students, and also her wisdom in teaching the people in her life the lessons of love and forgiveness, hope and joy, and the power and resilience of the spirit. Although she is gone physically from us, our lives will forever be changed by our time with her. We will always love you Godiva!

Godiva was adopted by Kathleen’s sister, Maureen, about a year ago. She unfortunately lived at a very abusive place before she found her new home with Maureen. She was so traumatized, that she wouldn’t move or respond to people. She spent all day inside her little house. Maureen thought she might be brain damaged, she was so listless. However, from the first Reiki treatment Kathleen gave her, she began to show tremendous signs of emotional healing and improvement. Right after that treatment, she came out of her house, put her tiny hands on up on the cage nearest Kathleen, and squealed with delight! It was the strongest emotion she had shown, so far, in her time with Maureen. Since then, she has received patience and love from Maureen, many, many treatments from Kathleen, and she even vacations regularly at Kathleen’s home. She has improved so much, she doesn’t even seem like the same Guinea pig: she purrs when petted, head butts your hand in affection, squeaks and squeals when talked to, and loves to push her shavings out of the cage at you in play! As a final note, Godiva loves Reiki so much, Kathleen has made her an assistant instructor in her classes: students get to practice giving Reiki to Godiva, thus learning the best way to give treatments to small animals. Godiva was featured in the August 2004 issue of Animal Wellness Magazine.

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