Rose the Lost Cat Finds Courage

April May June 2010

By Jackie Rettberg

On May 21st, 2010, Rose the cat was accidentally locked out of Aimee’s second floor apartment in the city of Wilmington, DE. Aimee posted reward signs and searched for Rose for nearly two weeks before contacting me (an animal communicator) on May 31. I communicated with Rose, and she told me that she was afraid and hiding underneath a building next to some steps. I thought I knew where she was, but Aimee could not find her, however we both thought we were close.



Rose the Cat

I sent Rose Reiki and consulted with Kathleen Prasad the next evening. Kathleen recommended I send Rose courage along with Reiki, so I did. I also sent Rose ThetaHealing where I taught her the way home and how to safely cross streets. The next night, while sending her Reiki and more courage, Rose told me she was ready to go home and planned to do so that night once everything was quiet. I asked her to hide in Aimee’s backyard and to run out in the daylight when she saw Aimee walk outside. The next morning, June 3, Rose was there waiting for Aimee at 5:00 am!


The following was written by Aimee, Rose’s owner:

“I am amazed, thrilled and grateful for Jackie’s ability to communicate with Rose and help her safely come back home. The first contact I had with Jackie, I immediately felt at ease and was touched that she spent nearly two hours helping me search via phone. I felt a strong pull of energy in certain areas after following Jackie’s direction of grounding my feet in the earth and connecting a golden cord to Rose’s heart, yet still no concrete sign of Rose that night. The next evening we talked again and she reinforced that I ask for help from Archangels Raphael and Ariel for her return. I had tried all traditional measures too, i.e. posters, knocking on neighbors doors, visiting animal shelters and vets, humane traps, searching several times a day. Why not believe there is an energy and frequency that I may not be able to explain but reaches animals and allows us to make communication? It astounded me when Jackie would share comments Rose would make that were definitely her personality.

The following night there was a breakthrough. Jackie told me that Rose was planning to be home by early morning. At this point the energy really changed. I truly believed with all my heart and mind that she was safe and we would be reunited. Rose returned that morning exactly as Jackie had reassured me.
Jackie gave me the connection to Rose, the hope she was still alive and the strength to believe she was coming home. When your heart is broken these things are everything. I am forever grateful. I now have a greater understanding of the vast power of animal communication and the will (from both the animal and the animal lover) for the lost to return home.”

About the Author: Jackie Rettberg from Wilmington, DE is an Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Practitioner and ThetaHealing Practitioner. Jackie’s business is called Animal Talk with Jackie. She helps people communicate with their pets and uses her Animal Reiki and ThetaHealing training to offer healing, resolve problems and find lost pets. Visit Jackie at

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