Animal Reiki Source Newsletter: Fall 2013

By Cindy Nolte


In November 2012, my dear Sam, our golden retriever, passed away. He was my motivation to learn energy work for animals as he developed hip issues at the young age of just 5. I had been working with humans, but wanted to learn the intricacies of applying the modalities I practiced with animals. My journey took me all the way from the east coast to BrightHaven Sanctuary outside San Francisco, CA to study Reiki with Kathleen Prasad.


the-lake-193Sam © 2009

As I began to apply my new techniques, Sam flourished with his treatments and up until he became ill he enjoyed running, walking, playing ball and even jumping into my Jeep for rides at nearly 13 years old. I am very grateful for the quality of life this energy was able to give my boy.

I believe that when you are open to learning you can learn from any spirit that you come in contact with. Sam taught me so much. Not only did he motivate me to work with animals, he taught me I had a capacity to be patient that I did not know was within me. He also confirmed the message that when there is a love bond communication does not need spoken words; even within different species. In the nearly 13 years that I was blessed with having Sam if I was sad or upset he always knew. When he passed it was the first time since I picked him up that I shed a tear and he did not lick them from my face. Likewise, he always ran to me if he needed anything-love, a belly rub, he was frightened or confused.

Knowing that I was his source of comfort, I spent as much time as I could with him when I knew he wasn’t feeling well even before the veterinarians diagnosed his issue. (Once again protecting me-even though I am able to often “tune into” issues, Sam blocked his issue from me for quite some time.)

Dec-2006-012                     Cindy & Sam © 2006Many of you who know me personally are aware that I spent several months training to do a marathon right before November 2012. Sam took a turn for the worse the weekend before my marathon. I knew I needed to be with him regardless of what I had planned. I said there will be other marathons. There will never be another Sam. Sam passed away shortly after I chose to skip my marathon. I was glad that I did not compete. Once again, my dear boy taught me one last valuable lesson. I am so grateful that I took time to spend with him and cherish him while he was still here. Although I will miss my loyal friend, I know it was his time and he will be in my heart forever.

Recently, I saw there was a Half Marathon taking place within miles of our lake house. I decided to register. Even if it wasn’t a full marathon, I thought, how could I pass this up? It was just so convenient! Anyone else who is a runner knows that other runners tend to be easy to bond with. I didn’t register with anyone else. It never occurred to me that I would end up running alone anyway.

My husband dropped me off for the event and before I knew it, I found myself running along a beautiful country road with only the sounds of my own sneakers hitting the pavement. At first I found it odd that there were no other runners around me. As I allowed myself to enjoy the solitude of my run, I realized there was a reason I was to run alone. Before long, I could feel my boy’s energy very intently at my left side where he always ran. I could feel his beautiful spirit and our deep connection-as if he were there to say “thanks for skipping the other race, mom. I thought I would join you and keep you company during this one.” It was the most amazing feeling in the world and I knew- if there was even one ounce of doubt- that my decision to skip the marathon almost a year earlier was the right one.

I finished the race that day. The loss of Sam had taken me away from my running for a short time and knocked me out of my top performance, but the medal I received that day signified so much more than just completing a run. It proved to me that I could get back to training in something I loved even with setbacks and more importantly, that love transcends all boundaries. I called Sam my angel ever since he was a puppy. Today, he continues to serve as a spirit guide encouraging me to help others.

If you have had setbacks and you feel like you are working to get where you have already been, remember reaching your new goals can be even sweeter than before if you recognize all that you accomplished to get there!

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