Making green smoothies and juicing are all the rage these days. In fact, I make a green drink for my family every single morning to get us going! After I nourish my body, it’s time to think about what I’m going to pour into my spirit for the day.

What we experience each day is like food for our spirit. What we pour into our hearts and minds is what we choose as our “soul” diet. With all the negative stories and images in the news and on the internet, I want to share my favorite Heartful Life remedy to get your soul back on track and flourishing!

Sweet Green Soul Smoothie

♥ 1 part Green Environment: Any open space, park or even your own backyard will do. I prefer a trail in the redwoods.

♥ 1 part Open Heart: Sometimes in the midst of our daily stress, this part can feel very difficult to find, but if you stop, take 10 deep breaths and list three things you are grateful for, your heart will open up before you know it.

♥ Add the “sweetener” of your choice: in other words, an animal! Your own animals are always up for a nourish fest! Or keep your eyes peeled for wild creatures around you. I love to observe the robins busy at work in my backyard. In a pinch, borrow a teaspoon of “sugar” from your neighbor or friend. (Do they have an animal you love?)

Mix all parts together until smooth, and drink up with your soul for an hour or longer, but even five minutes of drinking up this mix can nurture your spirit. Remember: You feed your body three times a day—feed your soul at least this often, if not more!

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