kathleen prasad speaking at an animal reiki conference

Kathleen Prasad Speaking Engagements


Entrepreneur, author and nonprofit visionary, Kathleen Prasad, is an experienced public speaker available for speaking engagements worldwide.

As the world’s leading animal Reiki expert, Kathleen is passionate about educating audiences about the benefits of the holistic healing modality of Reiki. A teacher for over twenty years, she knows instinctively how to engage audiences of all kinds, from industry-leading veterinarians and nonprofit executives to everyday animal lovers.

Kathleen’s goal is to facilitate in her audience a deeper connection with their animals through simple and practical meditation techniques.

kathleen prasad speaking at the reiki congress and american holistic veterinary medicine conference

Themes and Topics

Kathleen’s most requested topics include the following. She is also happy to tailor-make a topic just for your group. Depending on your needs, she can present these as a keynote presentation, half-day workshop or in some cases, full-day workshop version:

  • Introduction to Animal Reiki for Animal Care Professionals
  • Reiki Self-Healing for Animal Caregivers
  • Healing Compassion Fatigue with Reiki for Animal Rescues
  • Reiki to Support the Animal Hospice Journey
  • Integrating Reiki into your Animal Organization
  • The Future of Animal Reiki
  • Guidelines and Ethics for Animal Reiki Treatments
  • Reiki 1 Certification for Animal Care Professionals (full-day workshop only)
  • Animal Reiki for Reiki Practitioners (full-day workshop only)
  • Kathleen is also available for book talks and signing events. See her list of published books here.

Please e-mail [email protected] for booking information.

kathleen prasad speaking at the holistic veterinary medicine club and australian reiki conference


testimonial for kathleen prasad by the president of australian reiki connection

Kathleen Prasad’s presentation at The Power of Reiki Conference was amazing.
She demonstrated clearly the power that her Animal Reiki technique has with animals. I was particularly impressed when she showed the video of feral dogs, a before and after video that showed how calm and serene these animals were when the practitioners saw them in their own minds as perfect and whole. I also appreciated her deep sensitivity to respecting the animals and approaching them with reverence. She was certainly one of the highlights for the conference.
-Brett Bevell, Host of the Power of Reiki Conference at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY and author of Psychic Reiki and Reiki for Spiritual Healing

This course gave me so many more tools for my toolbox, and ways to approach things to keep my practice fresh and open. In offering to animals, openness is the key, and it’s easy to get bogged down into routines that start to lose their intent. We get on autopilot, but a course like this gives your fresh insight and important reminders on just *to* do this or that, but *how* to as well. Thank you for a great course!
-Sam G.

You offer beautiful, heart centered tools, examples and experiences over and over to remind us of the power of surrendering to what is, seeing beyond the circumstances and into the truth that is inside all sentient beings, pure light and love. Beyond the ego lies the infinite healing power of the heart.
– Jennifer F.

Her guidance in meditation took me to the very core of my soul and I was finally able to reach that space of peacefulness inside. It is from this space that I could start healing and, through practices, share Reiki with other beings. Thank you, Kathleen, for the simple yet profound approach in teaching Reiki.
-Stacy T.

Awesome. Kathleen was compassionate, calm, present, funny, tuned in to her students, and a gifted practitioner.
– Marlane S.

Highly recommended for those who want to connect with themselves & the animal world, sharing peace, love & healing.
-Tejas S.

Kathleen is a great teacher. Her enthusiasm, commitment, and love for Animal Reiki is contagious. She is verbal, organized, grounded and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. I have been “Doing” Reiki for about 20 years, and after studying with Kathleen I am now “Being Reiki”! It’s an exciting, huge and beautiful shift.
-Jeri L.

This has helped me regain my ‘Meditation Mojo’. I can’t speak highly enough of Kathleen and her wise course and personal guidance.
-Marita L.

The classes are casual, informative, and often emotional. Kathleen’s years of experience and dedication to animals and Reiki shine through. Her warmth is captivating.
-Karen H.

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