Special Reiki Teleclass and Fundraiser for The CARE Foundation

Pawprint-25pxSpecial Reiki Teleclass and Fundraiser for The CARE Foundation:
Reiki and Power Animals:
Remembering Your Inner Tiger, Bear and Alligator (and more!)




Special Reiki Fundraiser



Visiting The CARE Foundation, an exotic animal sanctuary in Apopka, Florida, this past February, was a life-changing experience for Kathleen!

In this special teleclass, Kathleen will share stories of her energetic experiences w/the animals of The CARE Foundation as well as lead meditations to help students experience their own “inner” power animals. These animals can help us to heal ourselves and go deeper in our soul’s journey. You ARE the tiger, the bear and yes, even the alligator! In working with these animals, we not only help them to heal, but also heal ourselves in the process.

Kathleen will also speak about the importance of retaining a beginner’s mind, especially when working with wild animals. These animals show us to “be” Reiki, rather than “do” Reiki.

Finally, Kathleen will tie in the 5 Reiki precepts as guides to help us connect more successfully with the animals and our own inner wisdom.

*For students who cannot attend the class live, a recording will be available for download.

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