Animal Reiki Source Newsletter: Spring 2013

By Dr. Shawn Messonnier


Dear Dr. Shawn: Every spring and fall my Labrador Augie develops allergy. He is usually treated with steroids and antibiotics, and this year I want to do something different. The medications don’t work too well anymore and I know they will shorten his life. What do you suggest?


Dog Allergies
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Dr. Shawn Replies:

”Augie’s story is all too common. While steroids, antibiotics, and anti-yeast medicines can help in the short-term, they do not contribute to healing. Long-term side effects include adrenal disease, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, increased infections, obesity, and arthritis. Also, the longer you use these medications the less effective they become, necessitating increasing doses and increasing side effects.

I used to tell my clients that since allergies are a genetic disease, we can’t cure them. Now I know that is not true. While many pets with allergies can be controlled and not cured, some of my patients have been cured of their allergies. The emerging field of nutrigenomics, the study of how foods and supplements can change DNA and cure diseases, helps to explain how many diseases can be altered positively or negatively by diet and supplements.

Using a natural approach can help Augie not only feel better, but with time may cure his allergies (or at least allow you to cut back on the medications you have been using.)

Supplements I find helpful include:

High quality fish oil – Using high doses of fish oil reduces inflammation and itching and actually changes the biology of Augie’s cells.

Antioxidants – These natural agents reduce cell damage, which can reduce his allergic reactions. I’m fond of an herb called Total Inflammation.

Herbs and Homeopathic s- I’ve found several, including Xiao, Allergy Season Support, Adrisin, Olive Leaf Plus, and Sino very effective.

Detoxification – Using a combination of berberis, lymphomyosot, and nux will gently cleanse Augie’s system of the byproducts of his allergies, allowing natural medicines to work better.

Immune Support – This is especially important if Augie gets skin infections. Using Olive Leaf Plus, CI Support, and Healthy Qi are vital in helping him.

Topical Therapy – Finally don’t forget the importance of regular, even daily bathing, to reduce his allergic reactions (and reduce allergic reactions in any human family members as well.) A product I developed, Dr. Shawn’s Itch Relief Shampoo, is an organic, all-natural product and the only one developed to be safely used every day if needed, without drying out his skin.

Also don’t forget the importance of a great natural diet, minimal vaccines (pets do not need and should not receive vaccines every year-instead do a blood titer test to evaluate his immune system,) and minimal to no use of chemical flea products. Using the tips I’ve outlined here will help Augie fight his allergies this year and may cure him of his allergies long-term so you won’t have to face this every year.”

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