Swenson is a beautiful 23-year-old Thoroughbred, a racehorse in his youth. He’s now my trainer Alison’s school horse, and what a school horse he is! He has taught all ages of riders all kinds of skills, from flat work to jumping. He has even taught me a few things, including helping me build my confidence. Alison has had him almost 20 years, and in their youth together, they had quite a show jumping career.

Twelve years ago, Swenson became terribly ill: his equilibrium was off and he would start spinning in circles uncontrollably before lying down. His local vet was treating him symptomatically to try to get him well enough to travel to the hospital. Alison slept at the barn every night, watching over him. Her veterinarian warned that if he began violently seizuring, he would have to be euthanized. During this time, Alison’s father began to give him Reiki treatments. In about a month, his balance had returned to him and he was able to travel to the hospital. The vets who examined him there couldn’t believe it was the same horse that had been so sick in the weeks before the visit. He was so well in fact, they told Alison she could begin bringing him back to work.

Alison believes he was brought back by the combination of Western medicine and Reiki treatments Alison’s father gave. Thus, when I moved to the barn with Shawnee, Alison immediately wanted me to begin giving Swenson Reiki. So, Swenson has been my Reiki client for over two years now, receiving regular weekly treatments. Swenson has always been very open to receiving Reiki, especially on his lower back, which gets sore now and again. He actually turns his body around, pushing his sore areas into my hands. Swenson usually falls asleep during his Reiki treatments, often lowering his head with his tongue hanging out.

I’m sure that Swenson doesn’t concern himself with his age. And he’s in such great shape that he looks and acts like a youngster. He truly loves to work, and as he gets older, he just gets wiser. He absolutely loves the kids who take lessons on him, and I can’t imagine he’ll ever give up this important job. I know that Reiki is supporting him and helping him move forward as he wishes to, full steam ahead!

– Kathleen

– – p. 138-139 Excerpted from Animal Reiki, Ulysses Press 2006

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