Holding Space with the Let Animals Lead® Method

Holding Space with the Let Animals Lead® Method

The Let Animals Lead® method is unique in its simple yet profound intention to “hold space” for animals and their caregivers. We are not “animal healers,” but rather Reiki practitioners who focus on the meditative teachings of Reiki as powerful support for animals to self-heal. Animals are drawn to the meditative space, and very sensitive …

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These spiritual lessons from animals make every day better

I’ve said before that animals are our greatest teachers. My beloved dog Dakota was my first animal Reiki teacher. And the animals I’ve worked with over the years have taught me so much about compassion and even guidance on meditation. But the other day, as I caught sight of my dog Mystic napping contentedly in her little dog bed, I realized the animals teach us other important lessons, too. Do any of these spiritual lessons from animals sound familiar to you? …

3 reasons every child should spend time with animals

Every time I see a black-and-white sheltie dog, I think of my first dog Muffett. She was the best! We did everything together as kids. But we didn’t just play together. Looking back, I realize now that she was an amazing teacher who also taught me many important life lessons. I just didn’t know it at the time! (When learning is fun, you don’t even see it happening.) And now with my own daughter, Indigo, I can see her, too, starting to draw important lessons from spending time with our dog and horses. I’ve come to believe that animals truly are influential teachers for children—and I wish every child had the opportunity to grow up alongside an animal. Here are three key life lessons kids learn from spending time with animals—either their own dog or cat, or by spending time with homeless animals at a shelter or in a classroom setting …

The power of accepting things as they are

We all want to help our animals when they face tough times. But in order to do that, we have to be able to hold all things, good and bad, and to accept even the most difficult moments, rather than run from them. No one can live forever, and life always changes. All we have is this very moment. The more we can accept this reality and even embrace it, the more open our hearts become and the more we can support our animals when they face difficulties.

To accept things as they are, we must develop an inner spaciousness, where our hearts can open up. One way to do this is to reflect upon life’s impermanence so we can embrace the moment. Here are three quotes to help you. Contemplate them in meditation or write about them in your journal …

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